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  1. I’ve got a spare worthy view car park ticket. i will sell for £40.00 let me know if interested thank you
  2. Just got my WV tickets via email ??
  3. Is there a charging area for your mobiles at worthy view?
  4. If I have friends who are getting the bus up-to Glastonbury and staying in the main part... Would I be to take items for them and they can collect from the worthy view car park as we’re staying in WV? Thankyou
  5. I just wanted to know when they’ll be sending my ticket out for Glastonbury and worthy view ticket?? thanks
  6. Started prepping for this now, I’m getting a little excited ???
  7. Hi guys, How far is the walk to the main site? My friends who aren’t staying at worthy view are saying it’s miles away, is this the case ? if you could give me some examples of how far it is to certain places this would be appreciated
  8. Hi guys, We’re staying in the pre erected tents at worthy view and just wanted to get some advice on a few things ; 1. Are you allowed gas cookers / disposable bbqs? 2. Is there a place you can go on the worthy view site for a fry up at worthy view? 3. Is the car park closeby and if so do people store drink/food etc and then go back or do people just cart everything to the tent? Thank you ☺️
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