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  1. Will hopefully be getting some kip in my car in the orange car park
  2. Fuck the weather! As Gav would say... I'm just going to soak up the atmosphere.
  3. 2007 - Bjork - Other Stage. So wish I was there for that.
  4. Never mind class As, I'm worrying about getting my poppers in!
  5. TabulaRasa

    Acid house

    Five-hour-long acid house set at the Stonebridge on Thursday night ?
  6. 2 good: Tame Impala & The Chemical Brothers 2 bad: Stormzy & Gerry Cinnamon
  7. TabulaRasa


    I mean... Wow! ❤️
  8. This'll be my first Glastonbury and I'm camping at the Village Green in Oxlyers with the solo polo group. Looking forward to drunken late-night campfire shenanigans!
  9. Just spotted this in Morrisons for all you gin lovers out there... £25 for 1.75L of Boodles seems like a pretty good deal to me!
  10. Somewhere on the M6 heading south. Beyond excited!
  11. Wow, you're gonna be busy at 9 o'clock! ?
  12. Amazon have Anker power banks on today's deals (up to 38% off) if anyone's looking ? https://www.amazon.co.uk/apb/page/?handlerName=OctopusDealLandingStream&deals=a7ec63b7&smid=A2PGPJL0BBLHLX&pf_rd_p=8370f076-219e-4c4c-b8f8-2b3c397b13d9&pf_rd_r=SYV2ZRRM4HSY68F7TPHE
  13. Has anyone ever tried infusing Jack Daniels? Or would that be considered sacrilege?
  14. Camping with the solo polos in Oxlyers. Its just have a listen to some music when I get up and get ready.
  15. Just been going through my Clashfinder and noticed Horse Meat Disco are playing on Friday at ‘The Bug’. Can anyone enlighten me as to where that is? Been looking for ages and can’t find that venue/stage anywhere! Thanks ?
  16. Leaving on Tuesday evening and returning Monday late morning / lunch time. Will have one spare seat, possibly two depending on how much gear is in the car.
  17. Sorry if this is a dumb question. This’ll be my first Glastonbury. Having just read the official website’s ‘what not to bring’ section, I found this... I’d like to take my little bluetooth speakers. Not to blast them for all to hear, but for me they’re an essential part of getting ready. Are they really not allowed? Would they be taken off me if found at the gate? Thanks!
  18. Thank you ? Should arrive 11pm latest
  19. If I could please take you up on your kind offer? This’ll be my first Glastonbury, so forgive me if what I’m asking is obvious. I’ll be driving down on the Tuesday evening from the north west (taking the M6 then M5). I’m aiming to park in Orange for Ped Gate D. Would you know the best exit and route to take from the M5? Thank you kindly
  20. May 20 - Róisín Murphy (Glasgow) May 23 - A week in Spain June 3 - Methyl Ethel (Manchester)
  21. Ok, so perhaps a little exaggeration on my part lol They obviously told RA to put May 14th as the announcement date in the article though. Maybe I am being a little harsh. Just frustrated as was REALLY looking forward to their announcement.
  22. Yeah, I’m a bit pissed about the Block 9 delay. They kinda made a big song and dance about May 14th in that Resident Advisor article. So to just not announce, or even make some sort of announcement to apologise for the lack of announcement, is a bit poor on their part imo.
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