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  1. Lcd soundsystem headlining a festival in bilbao. Any chance of them seeing them at glasto or headlining any other uk festivals?
  2. this is massive news! was planning to go to this the year after it was stopped because it was when id reach the age minimum for entry so so happy to see its back
  3. Is there anything like this for Reading? Any thurs late night entertainment?
  4. Don broco. Idk set times. Check their insta
  5. its 24 cans i think edit: just checked and you're right about the 12 cans. I think that must have been changed since when i went in 2018. probably need the additional income from the festival missing out 2 years in a row
  6. Foals, stormzy or the streets, dua lipa
  7. What do u think chance of gorillaz is? Fair people mentioned them but i can't see it - would kill for them and foals thou
  8. Chemical brothers, on the other hand, are one of the best. You already knew that thou
  9. Oh man, i beg not disclosure. They probably did one of the worst sets ive ever seen at a festival (glasto 2016)
  10. Dave has become exclusive to parklife.
  11. Would love to see Biffy Clyro up there or perhaps Foals who were lined up a few years ago but it was 'too windy'.
  12. Oh sweet, sounds like a no brainer. It's gonna be crazy hard just with the April one though now
  13. Isaac LK

    Other Stage 2020

    Yeah. Maybe wolf alice though?
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