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  1. Isaac LK

    Unpaid work

    Thank you but this is part of 'the obvious' along with water aid and greenpeace. Ive signed up for all 3 but i know they all will be oversubscribed so need backups
  2. Isaac LK

    Unpaid work

    Except for the obvious what are other ways you can get unpaid work at Glastonbury festival or does anyone here have any links. Its due to be the week after i finish my Alevels and couldnt get tickets in the og sale but absolutely need to be there somehow. Any advice would be great! Thanks :))
  3. i wanna throw in Florence just to mix it up a bit despite the fact she is a massive act. Then agree with catfish as a returning headliner and defo defo bombay
  4. I think bombay is a good shout for headlining, then surely a band who has previously headlined and then another who i have no idea about
  5. Isaac LK

    2020 headliners

    I'm 17 and love talking heads but i know most people my age wouldn't know them but would recognize the songs.
  6. Isaac LK

    2020 headliners

    If anyone is like 99% confident on a headliner can you please say so i can place a £500 bet and make big wins. Danke!
  7. Isaac LK

    2020 headliners

    Coldplay are definitely definitely definitely playing! 50th Anniversary. 5th year for coldplay headlining. Let's be honest nobody NOBODY could celebrate that feat as much as them
  8. They're one of my top 3 fave bands with foos and foals. Its music at it's happiest!
  9. I would be well happy with that despite alt j being crap live. Need to see crystal fighters playing sometime over the weekened!!
  10. What we saying then? Worth taking the risk, same lineup as 2019 or a new one?
  11. Isaac LK

    2020 headliners

    This is a video i took from right at the front. It was very squashed and i nearly fell over and lost my hat a few times but was also fucking epic! VID_55511018_194511_566.mp4
  12. Isaac LK

    2020 headliners

    Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Led zeppelin
  13. Isaac LK

    Volunteering 2020

    How likely do you think i am to get a volunteer spot? Im turning 18 in december and have volunteered at vfestival for a macmillan before and wrist banded on muse' stadium tour this year. We missed out on tickets this morning but ive been every year since 2016 and cannot miss the 50th!!!
  14. Isaac LK

    2020 wishlists

    1. Arctic monkeys 2. Foals 3. Biffy clyro 4. 1975 5. Fleetwood mac 6. Coldplay 7. Childish gambino 8. Dizzee rascal 9. Chemical brothers again just cuz! 10. Crystal fighters ?
  15. That would be a fucking banging lineup tbf
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