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  1. Just got set up in Quiet east E19. Nice and close to the gate. Zero queue to get in Ground conditions are great, no mallet needed to hammer in tent pegs, grass is VERY long; so nice and spongy for those with a tent! Any idea where people cater to watch the sunset later?
  2. The latest version of the app now allows you to create a poster based on your personal planner. The execution though is very janky. Nice feature though.
  3. Mr_Hat

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Shopping around for the best weather is the most British thing ever
  4. Mr_Hat

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Make sure you give it a good test by standing in the shower with a grey t-shirt on underneath for a minute or so. My GF ordered a ‘waterproof’ coat from amazon, it failed this test miserably, with water coming in through the seams and zip after just a few seconds. Cue a trip to Go Outdoors!
  5. Added them to my packing list. Thanks in advance!
  6. Sorry for hijacking this thread, but while we're on the topic of showers, are there any shower blocks in the Campervan fields? I appreciate that we'll have one 'on-board' the van, but with 6 of us shacking up in there for 6 days and no easy access to water, it feels like just using the shower blocks is going to be easier. Ta.
  7. Mr_Hat

    2019 Map

    All. Please note that nothing is confirmed on this map until we have the official version from Janet Jackson’s people.
  8. Mr_Hat

    Silver Hayes 2019

    If they were playing, would the mainstream DJs (Danny Howard, Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Kolsch, Fatboy etc etc) be included in this announcement or could there be a separate dance poster?
  9. Mr_Hat

    day and stage

    Yes that’s a very valid point, and I have considered it! Challenge for me is that this will be our first ‘proper’ festival together, one where I hope to make lots of memories that will stick with us both for life. So being in 2 separate fields seeing different artists goes against that a little (sad face) My ‘solution’ to the Killers V Chems clash is to concede and go with my 17yo to the Killers; then maybe pick up tickets to the Chems’ gig in Manchester in Nov. Come hell or high water, I WILL recalibrate her musical taste towards the dance genre!
  10. Mr_Hat

    day and stage

    Ha ha ha ha. Brilliant!
  11. Mr_Hat

    day and stage

    Ugh. That’s a downer. Oh well, it’s my first ever Glasto so I see it as a nice dilemma to have to endure! Thanks for clarifying. I’m guessing that the headliners tend to start at the same time? So there’s little to no chance of watching say The Killers, then dashing over to the Other to catch the end of the Chems?
  12. Mr_Hat

    day and stage

    Sorry for the Glasto noob question, just want to check that The Chems (Other) in all likeliness will be on at the same time as The Killers (Pyramid). Is there no chance of them being on the Pyramid before The Killers? Context here is that the Chems are top of my list, while The Killers are top of my 17yo daughter’s... so that clash is a major burn! Sorry again for the noob question!
  13. So in all likelihood, it's a Killers V Chems (Sat) or Cure V Chems (Sun) clash?
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