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  1. Hello! We were international virgins last year and booked a Worthy View 2 person scout tent. It was all they had available but it was pretty spacious for 2 people considering. The bellepads/yurts/little house things looked really cute though. We were able to rent air mattresses and sleeping bags from Worthy View as well. We ended up renting 2 single air mattresses and returned them after the festival. If you can score a Worthy View tent I would 100% recommend it. Just for the showers alone. I didn't use the good washrooms at the front cause they were too far but my friend did. I ended up using the porta potties which were always pretty clean. Truly the only downside to Worthy View (beside the price) is that its technically outside of the festival and a considerable walk to get back to from anywhere in the festival that isn't the Park. So once we left around noon we never went back to the tent until we were done at night. There was no popping back for us, but I'm sure some people did it. Also the hill is annoying at the end of the night and we're both pretty fit. It's not a dealbreaker in the least but when you're sloshed and tired at 5 AM its kinda the worst.
  2. I'm in Toronto too and same situation. Canada Post said they can't track it and can't help me. Royal Mail said the tickets aren't officially lost until July 2 so I should just wait lol. See tickets didn't send them with tracking once they leave the UK so we just have to wait.
  3. Thank you! That's very kind. At this point, I'm hoping we get Worthy View in the resale and if not I'll have to figure it out come May.
  4. We are definitely NOT going to leave gear behind. We'll pack up everything we bring. Also, Glasto said there will be stalls selling camping gear onsite. They just confirmed that for me for anyone that was worried. So I was obviously mistaken, but I thought Cozy Camper and Camplight were like RENTED camping gear for festivals. So they set it up for you and then take it down so that nothing gets left behind. I'm surprised there is no such service as it seems so many people leave their stuff behind. At least with rented gear it can be re-used every year and nothing is left at the festival site. I guess it might be a sanitation thing?
  5. Lol There's a clause in the Brexit agreement to let in eager Canadian Glasto virgins. Thanks all for the tips. If we don't get Worthy View, we'll just buy at a store in London and lug it on the Coach I guess.
  6. Now that Cozy Camper and Camplight are not coming back to the festival, does anyone know what the options are for people that need camping equipment provided? We're coming from Canada so it would be great to just be able to rent or have the equipment already at the site. I messaged Glastonbury and they said there won't be any camping equipment providers on site at the festival. Which is ridiculous. They just said hopefully we can get something in the Worthy View resale. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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