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  1. And QOTSA will be the same dates in Madrid......🧐🧐🧐
  2. Will it be a change of dates to September?
  3. each test cost 5 euros, the price of small beer inside.....
  4. https://www.20minutos.es/noticia/4510180/0/la-sala-apolo-reabre-para-celebrar-un-concierto-en-plena-pandemia-no-es-un-fiesta-es-un-estudio-cientifico/?autoref=true
  5. Maybe will be the same big headliner than werchter
  6. dj snake, foals, muse y massive attack, ¿no?
  7. A new unannounced tour?At All European festivals?
  8. no major media in spain( el pais, confidencial, el mundo, a3media, t5) or the government has given numbers.
  9. Patience. Billie eillish tour isn't avaible yet.
  10. It is a day to protest the culture and the current situation in the country.of all promoters, theaters, bands, concerts halls, etc.
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