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  1. Been away for a bit apology haven't looked at messages but id rather be in the heat of things got to camp in the field for me don't get me wrong its hassle taking tent the sleep over the night before but actually you meet some fantastic folk and its 5 days of going back to basics trying to wash in the tent etc BUT when your set up and look around bloody fantastic its that thing where you think about got to go get ticket and getting out of your tent in the heart of the madness going around hearing the music its so totally worth it for me are struggle with my tent and i could not go and be camped away WHY its the only festival i know where you can park your home and enjoy meet and greet other bloody fantastic So wouldn't do it any other way
  2. I mean going back some groups got through pressed back and reentered next group glasto caught on to this and i believe stopped this but theres always some computer nerd find a new technique but will it work who knows me staying to normal in getting tickets if i do but if i don't well thats it
  3. In all fairness theres no logic around it just a big hit on one site some people try in groups of 6 12 18 or more sometimes certain areas crashes with demand last two i tried in groups and got tickets and failed also tried just me on my own got tickets and failed theres no logic to it even the best computer best location its all about whether your system computes to that site in that moment Its no good moaning about it nothing can change that. i can remember phoning and still phoning at 4pm I've been in both situations and can't see any improvement because there can't be any improvement because of demand in such a limited time of thousands demanding access all at once. So do it alphabetically i know location never work its a bit of a Bat out of hell good song that love meatloaf so prep prepare organise come that Sunday morning dents on ceiling jumping for joy or sod this no roast its all down to demand even if they spilt ticket up to different date it still be the same
  4. HAHAHA been going since 2006 still can't find rabbit hole where the hell isit must stop drinking and enjoying where i am and look for it any help let us know daaaaaaaah
  5. Hi i managed to get tickets but not here to blag about it but most certainly understand how you feel when you did not so happy to help anyone on resale or volunteering applying just ask got time on my hands these days
  6. Sally1999

    Volunteering 2020

    I It is most certainly a different insight from being a punter i arrived on the Monday and it was fab being there before the punters watching things being put together and guess what some bars are open YES there is a booze cruise monday night brilliant all workers but i just missed being a punter doing things when i wanted to do it getting old and stubborn but hope you get though and if i hear anything about application date next year are let you know good luck
  7. Sally1999

    Volunteering 2020

    It wasn't to bad got picked up at bristol train station by bus then to site and yes straight to camping field set up tent then meeting given free 24/7 meal vouchers x4 from onsite cafe good meals free shower vouchers x4 free coffee and tea through out stay given shifts wednesday hard struggle 5am to 2pm thursday all night 10pm to 6am and saturday 2pm to 10pm there is a board to swap shifts if you was lucky Did i enjoy well i was there shifts are really knackering wednesday busy time flew by other 2 shifts dragged big time and such along walk to get where you work like wedesday up at 3.30am but all i can say there was good times and bad times but mostly gate duties You miss a lot and for me no i would not do it again but for some love it but wasn't for me
  8. Sally1999

    Volunteering 2020

    I worked with oxfam this year i felled on tickets 2018 and on that same disappointing Sunday afternoon sent them a email stating my interest i have never volunteered with them before i then joined there site watched out on line when the applications was released which was in February 2019 getting online was bit like trying for tickets to Glastonbury F5 a lot but got in payed the ticket money and that was it booked up half a days training which all volunteers have to do but i don't think it matters whether you worked there before just join up now with oxfam and watch the site on Facebook etc they will inform you what date to apply this year was the 12 February 2019 ??? or could of been the 11th feels such along time ago now I also signed up for Wateraid but felled but then 2 weeks before festival they emailed me stating they had a spear couple of places available if interested but turned them down as i was volunteering with oxfam I have never done any sort of volunteering before try oxfam chat F/b good information on there join oxfam now you need a photo of yourself on there application Sign up to volunteer at a festival | Oxfam GB https://oxfamapps.org › festivals Good luck don't give up
  9. Hi all so I've been looking on this site for a long time now years i would say and was known as another person but lost that email so rejoined again with a differant account .Been going to Glastonbury since 2006 working or as a punter and will admit thats the only festival i have ever attended shallow life but i just love it the people the atmosphere and that feeling when I'm there. I have learnt an awful lot by what to take different things to see by using this site so would like to say. Thank you to the members here as if it wasn't for the information and help on things we would not know. So me without sounding like a dating thing I'm 55 female and guess what I'm a Plumber what the hell that sounds like i don't know stuck on what to say but like i said i love Glastonbury its a real special place and will admit i cry as soon as i see the site and cry when i leave.I try not too but i just well up soppy fool. So apart from that this site is Brilliant Thank you all
  10. Sally1999

    Walking in

    Worked on gate D this year on the Wednesday morning 2 lads got in then legged it believe me I've never seen security move so fast not just on foot but in trucks the people that witnessed it was cheering like "bloody run go for it" but they where brought back It was fairly early into gates opening as i can remember as i was handing lanyards out but for a few hours all i kept thinking about and chatting to others that those lads most of queued up all night preying to get in and it wasn't to be. So it shows even at peak times the security is on the ball I don't think i would chance it cause of the disappointment and being sent home.
  11. Well just recieved my drinks carriers 4 pints or four hot drinks at the mo there cheap to buy on amazon especially if you buy 2 so can now carry 4 pints without juggling and also more replacement {Bog in bag} for my Bog in the bag seat LOL I've been using these the last few festivals and think they re brilliant when you need to go middle of night. And come after xmas prices goes up so getting all those bits now better for your pocket
  12. Sally1999


    Hi i usually take a small bowl with me fill it up with water and wash my hair its one way of waking yourself up with the water being slightly cold but nice and refreshing Then strip wash with using the rest of the water in bowl using wet wipes. I really can't be bothered to walk half way around the site at silly hours or queue up to much to see for that
  13. So found this a few weeks ago and just wonder if anyone know if this accommodation will be up for grabs the same time as worth view etc Not many tents but another option Sorry pasted a large thing Glastonbury 2020: Pre-pitched tents will be available to rent around Glastonbury-on-sea NEWS Sam Warner 26th August 2019 Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis has revealed a new campsite of pre-pitched tents will be introduced at the festival’s 50th-anniversary event in 2020. Festivalgoers will be given the option of renting a pre-pitched tent before they arrive instead of bringing their own tent. The tents will be blue and white, which will supposedly look like the ocean around Glastonbury-on-sea’s Victorian pier when seen from a distance. Only around 100 of these pre-pitched tents will be available, and with Glastonbury’s capacity increasing to 210,000 next year, they could sell out pretty fast. They’ll join a range of pre-pitched and glamping options available at the festival, including the Tipi Village and Worthy View. Pre-pitched tents can help reduce campsite waste, with the average tent left behind after a festival sending almost 9,000 straws worth of plastic to landfill. Glastonbury set the standard for low-waste camping this year with 99.3 per cent of tents taken home. Speaking to Bristol Live, Micheal Eavis said: “There’s going to be a sea of blue and white tents around it which will look just like the ocean from afar. “People will be able to rent them out before the event so they don’t need to bring a tent with them. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? “There will only be about 100 of these tents, so enough for about 300 people all in all. It’s going to look great.” Michael added: “The pier was excellent this year, really excellent, and next year it’s going to be even better.” Michael Eavis also revealed Wolf Alice as the first band confirmed to appear at Glastonbury 2020. He said a “big, big band” was reforming especially for the party and their identity would be revealed at 6am on the day of the event. He also confirmed all of Glastonbury 2019’s new attractions, such as the pier and the expanded Block 9 with its new arena, will return at the festival’s 50th anniversary next summer. Michael told Bristol Live: “I genuinely think 2019 was the best Glastonbury ever and it’ll be very very difficult to run a better one. “There was so much stuff we did which we probably should have saved for next year, to be honest. We almost treated this year like the 50th anniversary. “I’ve never done a show as good as this one and if people are expecting more next year, they should forget it!” Image credits: Glastonbury-on-sea sign: Suz Brothwood Pier from afar: TheFestivals Campsite viewed from pier: zzuuzz / ( CC BY-SA 4.0 )
  14. Sally1999


    Thank you pneumatic wheels it is
  15. Sally1999


    Just been looking at bike trailer/children buggy great idea but wondering if its loaded with bear and other bits would i have to fold buggy down on shuttle bus from castle cary to site or i suppose if i put every thing in bags i could take it out then fold buggy up and get on bus that way the train should be fine But thanks for your reply brilliant idea and i find it better to push then drag behind cheers
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