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  1. It's looking like possibly Covid might destroy 2021 festival. Still early for 2022, but let the speculation begin!
  2. some wishful thinking at 8.20 for 20.20
  3. Because it's not 3, or 2, or 1, or 12, or 11, or 10, or 9, or 8
  4. Think I saw Public Enemy got announced for a scottish festival in July
  5. Shes been saying its coming soon since December
  6. I was at Alt J, and i definitely did regret it ahahah.
  7. Kevin Parker is back today!
  8. GrooveCity

    2020 headliners

    To add to this, DAMN released on the 14th of April, the first day of Coachella, and Kenneth headlined on the 16th. First ever show with DAMN, first time showcasing the DAMN tour visuals. It was pretty exciting how soon after he released it that he showed it on stage with a show. I'd be pretty excited if the same was happening here, releasing the album the week of Glasto. I'd be absolutely buzzin. Fig 1 - The Boys and I vibin at the Kendrick headline slot.
  9. GrooveCity

    2020 headliners

    Why the next week?
  10. Maybe he wants to attend Glastonbury and enjoy the experience, I hear it's around that time of year.
  11. Much bigger than John Peel. He definitely could do a pyramid sub currently I reckon, with Kendrick headlining.
  12. If you're serious, His Discography: - Goblin & Bastard , the infamy that started it all. The mixtape and album brought a shock factor for their time, getting him banned in the UK and Australia for a while as they (Teresa May no less) dubbed his music "encourages violence and intolerance of homosexuality” and “fosters hatred with views thats seek to provoke others to terrorist acts”. Think about edgy teenagers, but cockroach eating for a music video edgy - WOLF was pretty much an A tier, great album of rap and tyler's persona. less rapey, more funny and musically sound.
  13. I think anyone he was against this year would be a sad troubling decision for me. I cant see myself missing macca, only chance ill get to see a beatle. I love tswiz, but tyler might take it.
  14. Tyler's Last two albums were his most commercial yet, and I'm pretty sure IGOR debuted at number 1. He's blown up massively, he's respectfully bigger than Dave and Stormzy in their sub years as he's literally headlining festivals at the moment.
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