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  1. Holy fuck that would be so dope! I got my first vaccine dose, hopefully other Belgian fellows will follow!
  2. @Ken19 is there any chance of seeing joji at rw? Or is he more of a pukkkelpop attendee
  3. Still, I expect next year's edition to be more expensive, and they'd make us pay the difference... Not sure how i feel about that, i'd like to know that i have a choice between going or not
  4. So no co-head to go along with the strokes 😕
  5. Cleopatrick would be dope, but idk if they are notorious enough for rw
  6. Airborne toxic event have a huge empty spot from 1st of july to 1st of august... Are they still relevant in belgium? Edit: the fratellis are also available during rock werchter! They once toured together with airborne toxic event
  7. Or Oscar and the wolf Edit: nevermind i'm stupid, he was there last year
  8. Very happy with marc rebillet and glints being announced! Glad to see them get some attention
  9. How about wu tang clan? They have a few shows scheduled for the summer
  10. Maybe one of the J's stand for Joji.. Maybe
  11. Can't they just get over with it and stop with the useless hype, what does that even mean
  12. Any chances Greta Van Fleet might come again?
  13. Already looking 10x better than last year at around this time! Very excited
  14. Exactly, you get it in your mailbox a few weeks after payment (idk if international fees apply)
  15. Collector ticket is a piece of plastic that you can frame, it has your information + entry code, pretty cool if you're interested in collectibles
  16. Yungblud kicked ass this year, it was a really good performance
  17. McCartney confirmed for TW Classic https://www.instagram.com/p/B5QQyLMqbxi/?igshid=a9jkndfl0vzs
  18. @Ken19 Concerning small groups that might be added, any chance suggesting to the big guys to get the band "pretty vicious"? I'll buy you a pint if you do so ?
  19. Nothing big as in The raconteurs right ? (just kidding, still hoping)
  20. @Jazebel @Ken19 Is there any possible way some new names might still make it on this lineup ?
  21. Man I can't believe I paid the full price for my combi ticket... I set my expectations too high... If there was a booking problem with the bigger bands why ask for more money just to have less?? Thursday is simply shit because of P!nk's management team... 105 € for a half a normal festival day... Unbelievable... I will be going to Sziget from now on
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