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  1. I'd estimate I've used a gazebo probably around 6 or 7 times at Glasto festivals I've been to and not once has anyone even dared touch it,
  2. But 50,000 people aren't going to bring gazebos?! What a ridiculous statement, theres plenty of room
  3. Can someone please enlighten me exactly why gazebos are such a crime? It's only going to take up the space where me and my friends would sit on our camping chairs? I honestly don't understand the problem Edit: I'll get a smaller 2m x 2m gazebo if it stops everyone crying, 2 square meters is a perfectly acceptable social area.. surely??
  4. This forum is crawling with complete and utter dimwits. If you don't have anything constructive to say regarding my original question then don't say anything at all. Stop looking to be a smart alec and looking for 'laughs' and just help me out? Too many do-gooders that wouldn't dare break one little 'Glastonbury rule' it's honestly pathetic.
  5. Hi guys can anyone recommend me a cheap, good quality gazebo for the festival this year? Theres 4 of us camping and we're looking for one around 3m x 3m, sitting in the sun last time was an absolute nightmare outside our tents.
  6. How about you go and f**k a cow? You seem to love them so much. Weapon.
  7. I'll make a donation of £20 to Oxfam if that shuts you all up.
  8. Just to update all you pretentious dickheads - I have not had any contact off Oxfam about cancelling my volunteering. Even my mate that got me into the volunteering said that I will have no problem ditching the volunteering. I know a few other people going into the festival that are going to take all my belongings in for me on the Wednesday, so when they arrive I will simply leave the Oxfam campsite and theres nothing any of you can do about it. I will be sure to post a picture of me at the festival in June sipping a nice cold Thatchers at the bar and watch you all have another melt down
  9. Call it trolling if you want. I say it exactly how it is and if you don't like it then f**k off. People should speak their mind not have hidden agendas to please other people. I am who I am and if you think I'm a 'c**t or selfish' well to be honest I couldn't care less. At the end of the day I'm going to glasto and all of you mocking me are obviously people who missed out on a ticket or a chance to volunteer.
  10. Just caught up with all the posts. I really didn't think skipping the volunteering was a big deal but all of you do-gooders seem to have really got your knickers in a twist over it. What difference would it make anyway if one person skips it? They get to keep my deposit I put down and give it so some kid in Africa who probably needs it more than me to get some fresh water or something? Also Oxfam will not be cancelling my place on the volunteering team as I am not stupid enough to put my last name on these forums.. I'm sure there are plenty of Pauls on the volunteering team!
  11. I came here looking for advice, not a lecture on my morales. If you haven't got any useful information for me then please f**k off.
  12. So guys I will be attending glasto this year as a good friend of mine has managed to get me onto the Oxfam volunteering!! I fully intend to skip my volunteering shifts and enjoy the full festival, it's too good to miss really isn't it?! I'm aware I will lose my deposit but it will be worth it. Can anyone give me tips on how to get away from the volunteer camp etc? Will they come looking for me? If anyone else has done this could they please give me their method.
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