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  1. My local Tesco have 10 cans Magners for £6 ATM, with the rum I usally buy 1Lbottle of Morgan’s pour it into a bottle then buy cold coke at the festival from ice cream cans etc then pour your own measures... Also after any recommendations for a ok larger warm Heineken last year not a fan thinking Stella maybe ? Thanks
  2. I hope the co-op will sell cans but really can’t see it tbh mallets and Tuborg will be paying a decent price I’d say to supply there product to the festival and then to have Co-op selling crates of Heineken etc can’t see it personally & I can’t say I’ve even seen tuborg in a can. I paid £15 for three cans of thatchers at the rum shack in 2017 so Co-op be making a killing if there allowed to sell cans but I honestly can’t see that happening... I hope I’m wrong thou
  3. ITK19889

    *** Plays Or We Riot

    Gerry Cinnamon / Courteeners 😊
  4. Being selfish I wanted to see.... Catfish Courteeners Gerry Feeder Wouldn’t be surprised if Sterophnics popin for a secret set.....
  5. It’s not a easy one for either of us as my GF is good friends with the bride aswell but we have really been looking forward to the 50th even more so it’s my GF 30th... We have a big group of friends which makes my decision a tiny bit easier as my friend won’t be left in the Lerch on his day with only two missing if we end up with the golden ticket, We spoke for awhile before they signed on the dotted line, of our intentions that we really really have planned to go to Glastonbury in 2020 if it wasn’t my GF 30th or they married this year I’d reluctantly give up my ticket but when you have your heart set on something for such a long time sometimes I suppose you have to be selfish.... I enjoy weddings don’t get me wrong but over the last 4 years what I remember most and look back on with a smile is our times at Glastonbury it’s in a different league for us... My GF would step aside but she always does put everyone else first so this time she can put herself first for once & have the 30th she always wanted I sound like we have tickets already haha 🙈
  6. Thanks for your feed back I knew it would be split although not sure everyone has seen all my posts on the matter appreciate everyone’s comments... This place means massive amounts to me & her and our plans were made long before the wedding or even the engagement, My Fiance has sticked by me through very low times in 2017-18 and I can’t wait to give her the 30th she deserves gonna put us first for a change & click that refresh button in October
  7. This could be a option but in reality don’t think it will happen in all honesty once your on the other side it’ll be hard to leave...
  8. I think there was two of us for bestman although I’ve never been asked due to my Glastonbury commitments.... My above comment may explain a little better
  9. Cheers guys appreciate all your feed back there is more to the story... It’s also My Finaces 30th Birthday she never asks for much in life but she’s always wanted to attended the festival on her 30th which happens to be the 50th anniversary.... We spoke to them before they booked there wedding about our plans and I’d never expect them to change there dates for us and those were the only dates available at this venue so here we are. My gut is telling me to stick with our plans and try and get tickets.....
  10. ITK19889

    Other Stage

    Fair enough I get what your saying, I just see a lot of hate on here & twitter for them & I just personally don’t get it. Think there brilliant & there definitely getting more popular down south not 50k popular but definitely more popular. Anyways Have a fantastic festival God Bless The Band & All That..... 😄
  11. Sorry bit of a random question I know but would like to hear your honest thoughts on this subject. This is the dilemma I’m facing in 2020 I’ve been going Glastonbury for the last 4 festivals and feel in love with the place the people & the Farm. I just don’t think I can not try and get tickets for next years 50th anniversary or any year for that matter... Where would you stand on this please people ? & no go to your mates wedding one less person trying etc...haha cheers
  12. ITK19889

    Other Stage

    What does it matter what part the country there from I from Devon am I not meant to like them ? They have sold out 3x 50k crowds over the years...Stormzy ever done a 50k crowd, Has the Foals even done a 50k crowd.....? Im not debating there slot I don’t care if they headline the John Peel stage be better for me I’m just miffed why they get so much hate from people who have never probably seen them play or bothered to listen to there albums... I’m not bothered about the foals would’nt watch them if they was in my home town but I may give them a chance at Glastonbury that’s what it’s all about isn’t it actually no sorry there from Oxford not aloud to like them... 🙄
  13. ITK19889

    Other Stage

    Dunno why Courteeners get a lot of hate, watched them at Glastonbury 2015 not knowing many of there songs and they were one of my highlights tbh that year watched them 5x since always preform top live band. Sold out 50k at Heaton Park in June even the mighty Noel Gallagher can’t manage that these days still a lot of tickets about for his show. Give um a chance easy to join the sheep and put them down. They got where they have with no backing at all from the mighty Radio One...... ✌🏻Peace Out
  14. ITK19889

    2019 Headliners

    I believe Emily said they haven’t been booked not ruled out very different maybe they sign last night 👀
  15. ITK19889

    2019 Headliners

    I know a friend who knows a person who wears shorts in the Summer & it’s .... Lady Gaga / Fleetwood Mac
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