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  1. That would be One whole million times better then the 50th headliners....
  2. No no defo next to the Foo’s ☺️ Has me thinking are friends from across the pond don’t seem to be giving the world any up and coming superstar Rock Bands or am I out of touch....
  3. I’d imagine there be a fair few from this list if they carry on the way there going :- Foals 1975 Royal Blood Lewis Capaldi Catfish Bottlemen ? Ariana Grande Billi Eilish Lizzo ? Gerry Cinnamon Courteeners ? 👀😂 Then the it’s about time list :- Lady Gaga Rhianna Eminem RHCP Fleetwood Mac Daft Punk Depeche mode The Stone Roses ? Green Day Then the defiantly next 10 year welcome back list :- Adele Stormzy Coldplay Muse Florence Coldplay 😉 Artic Monkeys Kasabian Mumford & Sons ? Foo Fighters 🤞🏻
  4. With 2020 fast approaching and nexts years headliners pretty much out the bag, & on a personal note very disappointing for the big 50th....!!! Just my opinion don’t shot it’s still the greatest place on earth !! Had me thinking what would be your realistic dream headliners in the years to come, just couple of rules they can’t of headlined from 2010 - 2019 and keeping with the new layout must include a female headliner or lead singer in the band, for me it’ll be these three.... Lady Gaga Red Hot Chilli Peppers ( If they can be forgiven ) Daft Punk ( They are due out of hibernation soon ) 😊
  5. ITK19889

    Other Stage 2020

    Im gonna call Kasabian could well be one of the three for the other stage headliner... Big out door show in Leicester Saturday before yes they’ve headlined the pyramid before but don’t think those lads would bat an eyelid to headline other for the 50th
  6. I would love Courteeners to headline just to see the meltdown commence on here. It Would be something to behold ???
  7. Liam Gallagher NGHFB Stereophonics Foals ( Overrated for me ) Royal Blood ( Future headliners but not quite there yet couple more albums )
  8. ITK19889

    2020 headliners

    was there a queue at the post office ?
  9. ITK19889

    2020 headliners

    Foo Fighters Courteeners ( Don’t Judge ) AC/DC
  10. ITK19889

    The 1975 2020

    Rather the Courteeners then this lot.....?
  11. ITK19889


    It’s more in hope then expectation posted the link to put the feelers out there if they did it would be one hell of a headliner potentially one of the greatest ???? The only thing I’m hanging onto is that Emily has said only one headliner has been booked and they haven’t been mentioned in the early rumours so there’s still chance isn’t there....... ??????????
  12. ITK19889


    Agree should of called it Gonzo
  13. ITK19889


    Could this Happen ? Are they the act already Booked ? ?.....?????? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/metalinjection.net/latest-news/rumors/ac-dc-rumored-to-announce-2019-2020-tour-next-week/amp
  14. No problem ?? The best one thou forget to say bring your favourite spirit pour it in a plastic bottle Rum for me buy cold cans of coke or whatever off the food stalls or ice cream vans then give yourselves your own measures ?
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