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  1. The news out of Boardmasters festival is terrifying - more or less everyone that went seems to have tested positive for covid. Seems like a lot of unvaccinated people but still, definitely got to be people faking lateral flows etc too though. Too deep in to say no to Leeds now but is anyone taking any precautions for themselves or are we all just going to hope for the best? I’m double jabbed so hoping it’ll be fine but wondering what everyone else’s stances on it are
  2. I don’t understand how this is gonna work at all
  3. Sorry if this isn’t the place to put it but just trying to get rid of these before the festival. Cheers
  4. I feel like we could still see Courteeners on there somewhere…
  5. Feels like a weird rumour to fake so I see no reason why it would be
  6. RATM/Courteeners or Royal Blood Travis Scott/Doja Cat Dua Lipa/Dave ??
  7. I still think if we see any sort of big budget band like Rage or Metallica then Courteeners are nailed on with how cheap they’d be to book (like how Catfish are on this year)
  8. Only went back a few pages and saw Billie, Queens (other stage headliner), Elton John, Macca, Coldplay, Foo Fighters (as a non-headliner), Kendrick, Dua Lipa (as a subheadliner), Noel Gallagher (as a subheadliner)… not even that I want those specific artists at R&L but just the calibre of artists Glasto pulls even without them headlining is insane
  9. God venturing over and reading the names thrown about Glasto thread and then coming back to see we’re speculating George Ezra is incredibly depressing
  10. Did Frank say anything about which day he was playing/if it was Leeds as well as Reading or was it just that he’s playing?
  11. Circa Waves I mean not Vistas, my bad: if Vistas are already there on Thursday and touring with them then they could play too?
  12. Vistas touring with Circa Waves right up until the festival starts, could they be the secret set?
  13. Liam Gallagher sells out any arena/stadium/park he plays, I feel like he’s absolutely big enough to headline here (if not way past his peak as an artist). It’s still strange he’s doing smaller festivals too though
  14. Surely side by side with a split in the barrier in the middle is the safest way to do it right?
  15. Just wondering as I’ve never been before (going to Leeds not Reading but I imagine they’re the same), what’s the selection and prices like at the co-op? And does stuff run out as the week goes on? Just wondering so I know how much food to bring
  16. Feels like Royal Blood would've been a better replacement for QOTSA, considering the Josh Homme connection and some of their music sounding fairly similar to some Queens stuff. I imagine it’s because they’re nailed on for 2022 and I’m biased as I far prefer them to Biffy but
  17. Oh my bad, was checking their twitter and they haven’t posted anything on there about it since yesterday from what I can see. Don’t follow them anywhere else
  18. TPD never even posted their postponed ‘for reasons’ merch drop lmao
  19. Just hope Queens will come over, I can take any other overseas artist not turning up
  20. Mad that Catfish are so absent as a band on social media that the festival they’re playing has to be the one to confirm they’re still alive
  21. Daft question but do you all think going to Leeds is a legitimate reason to ask for an early jab? Really want to be double jabbed as obviously we’ll be mixing with thousands of people over the weekend but not sure they will take it seriously as a reason to get it early
  22. I could see The Libertines replacing them maybe? Similar sort of band
  23. Just seen apparently all members of Catfish except the frontman have resigned from the band according to a government website. Not too sure what this means but it could be likely we see them replaced if they’ve split. (not my discovery I have no idea how people find these things)
  24. I’m a bit confused, is the discussion on US acts not coming based on US-UK travel restrictions or it not being financially viable for them to come for one show? I thought coming for work from the US was allowed
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