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  1. Df are known to be greedy basterds and pure shit to work for. They know this basic line up will sell and really dont care about putting on a good festival.. this is how TITP started going down hill, trnsmt will be next. Anyway ive enjoyed all the speculation on this.. looking forward to next years hahaha! Enjoy anyone who is going tho! ✌️
  2. Omg! Ha ha how did a not get that!
  3. A dnt know how mezhyp1 manages to keep it quiet a would have spilled after about 5 thread pages ?
  4. I like a few of the folk playing on that line up but tbh its not enough for me to buy a ticket. Usually its like am no keep on the line up but the headliner is amazing so a will go! Least the cure, foals and courteeners all playing their own gigs this year! ?
  5. This one. Im sure mezhyp1 ruled out a few of these.
  6. Someone put their version of the line up on here and now its all over twitter s gospel ? some are raging and some are happy but I think its pretty near what it will be..... a huge let down. Lol
  7. Have The Who been ruled out? Loads of folk on fb are saying its them.. tbh i think this vowel pish is to create hype so people buy into it.
  8. I would be so gutted if I had bought early bird tickets. This line ups going to be stinkin ?
  9. The robyn being a headliner is quite the stretch.. possibly juts playing one day but a thought it was interesting as it could have been an idea in what direction they where taking the line ups.. maybe more like T. Robyn being booked in glasgow would bring a huge audience, maybe not 50K but she has a large cult/gay following so thats why i mentioned this as it would make the lines ups more interesting but its obviously going to be very generic and the like somone said the aim is to sell tickets..
  10. I had heard that the where in talks with robyn to headline a night but she then pulled out as she is doing her own tour.. I found this odd but she does have a big following. This could be rubbish though. Bit of a random one to lie about i guess
  11. Ive seen Gerry 3 times and honestly the crowd he pulles in now are ridiculous man!
  12. They would need to mix it I think and have The Prodigy headlining then say BMTH under and bands like enter shakari etc this wont ever happen but i guess if it did it would need to be somthing of that effect. The prodigy appeal to two diff audiences.. the rock fans ie download and the dance fans ie Creamfields so am really suprised there area tours dont sell out here in scotland.
  13. The more am reading these posts its looking like the ones who would shift tickets are dull as f**k so if that represents the 50k odd then the festival will never be remotley exciting. A suppose music right now is a bit dull. No exactly the most exciting bands coming out the now
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