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  1. Who is everyone hoping is the final surprise announcement? Personally would love it to be Childish Gambino on the Thursday but can’t see them making such a big announcement so late on..but a man can dream.
  2. Yesterday was a let down for me personally so hoping for something more today. AM had a line for they’re spot last year before they were announced something that’s not on the poster atm for the Bon Iver day. Also unsure about the maths but I was thinking it would be 40 more acts to be announced prior to yesterday, whereas there was only 25.
  3. Where has the announcements at noon come from? Just noticed the last announcement was around 2pm GMT and the first was an evening announcement on the press day?
  4. Don’t know if someone’s pointed this out already and could mean nothing but every announcement for the 2019 edition has been a Thursday..coupled with what’s been said already...this Thursday at 12pm?
  5. Have Catfish and the Bottlemen been ruled out? New album on the way but were there only a couple years ago
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