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  1. R&L mill. Plug any form of hint, knowing they’ll eventually get something right. it’s just 2 lads that had never even been to reading before last year if I recall, or maybe once before.
  2. Cashless at leeds was a complete joke. Half the vendors scrapped it and just started taking cash. No signal at all. I like the idea of the 2 outdoor stages(maybe because we Got the weather this year, it might change if it’s a cold wet festival) however I think I prefer the “mainstage & other stage” Glastonbury like rather than 2 main stages. 2 years of no festivals brought out all the 16-19 year old bellends. Fires everywhere in leeds last night. Campsite plasters with drugged up teens Wednesday/Thursday. That seemed to die down a little come the weekend.
  3. Anyone know who did the 18:35 secret set on bbc introducing on Friday at reading, today at leeds?
  4. The vaccines are plugging R&L on Instagram
  5. I got to the car park at 1pm (leeds) got through the gate at 6pm. They had 90% of people using the lord bingley gate. The other gate was straight through. Anyways here set up and got a beer now. Enjoy the weekend all. IMG_0137.MP4
  6. The map for leeds can’t be too accurate. The co-op can’t be in the arena and the showers can’t be all the way down in yellow camping surely
  7. The struts > The Hunna > BBCC > Tom grennan > blossoms > wolf Alice > yungblud > Gerry > biffy > LG NBT > inhaler > sports team > sea girls > declan McKenna > Mabel > Sam fender > yonaka > catfish > stormzy Academic > fever333 > kennyhoopla > bedaboobee > Becky hill > sigrid > slowthai > the kid laroi > wombats > TDCC > disclosure > posty + any secret sets that take a fancy kennyhoopla is going to go off!
  8. I wonder how Many early bird tickets they do sell. It wouldn’t surprise me if they make 90k early bird tickets available for sale. Nothing stopping them, I’d the demand is there
  9. Jake bugg confirmed he’d be at the festival last night at his gig
  10. They’re not on any lineup on the official website, yet?
  11. I always find orange a good atmosphere and vibe. I was a red camper until 27. I’m a orange, top of the hill camper now. (Leeds). I think I prefer it there, atmosphere is still fantastic and you get a little bit of sleep 🤣
  12. Thinking the same thing myself. Surely not as the co-op opens at 7am . The arena gates won’t be open then. Strange
  13. I think he can just transfer it back to me
  14. Can anyone help, my friend has tested positive for Covid. I’ve transferred the ticket to him but obviously he can’t go. How do we sell the ticket on, if we can?
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000ytqn 2:27 he says he’s playing a secret set at a festival. But they play LARRY THE PINK HUMAN not slaves.
  16. I honestly thought that’s where both the stages would be this year, it made the most sense
  17. The angle of what’s being built, doesn’t even look like it is facing the original main stage
  18. I’d watch him. Dunno about being excited, just seen him plugging new music next week though
  19. That’s what I’m guessing, looks like a large platform being built. Surely can’t be any further away than that. However I guess it had to be that far, due to the slope
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