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  1. Anyone else noticed if you buy a ticket and next years festival gets cancelled you won’t get a full refund in the T&C’s. Sneaky
  2. I understand what your saying, but artists are going to be literally rolling on after one another maybe a 5minute delay between one finishing and the next starting. I can’t see them having stages 5-10 minute walks away from each other, then factoring in food drink and toilets etc. People will be missing lots of performance time. People will be turning up late, atmospheres will be poor. I just can’t see that being the case especially when there is a tried and tested left/right east/west 1/2 (the names are irrelevant) method out there that is used successfully right across the contin
  3. You’re absolutely correct in what you are saying, they would/should be completely opposite if it was west/east. I think they’ll be right next to each other though, like so many festivals across the continent
  4. Time to create a playlist of everyone not on my already planned schedule and get adding. Any recommendations that ain’t below?
  5. Is disagree, I think Liam is just getting bigger and bigger, especially up north
  6. So after 393 pages and a mere 14 hours from the release. We still have no idea other than LG
  7. With them headlining IOW think it would be a fairly big drop or expensive booking for KC this year. But yes I agree
  8. Announcement next week for the line up the week after
  9. Muddy. Mainstage got cancelled for a period last year. Think it was 1 or 2 songs into sea girls set because of the weather
  10. I’m not complaining, sorry if I came across that way, I’m looking forward too it, I just feel looking around the festivals of similar size they could of done better with the headliners especially, just feel like they’re lazy bookings especially with Richard Ashcroft and Royal Blood knocking around the small/medium festival circuit. Two amazing artists that have not played at KC before, rather than recycling stereophonics and primal scream.
  11. Looking at other festivals of similar size. (Tramlines / truck / ynot? ) I can see why kendals was released first. Get a few tickets sold. In comparison they’ve got it wrong I believe, looking at bands like royal blood / Richard Ashcroft / Ian brown / catfish / Bombay bicycle club. All being named as headliners. they are all better fits to Kendal that 3 out of 4 we’ve got. In a sense that they’re either bigger or more relevant bands/artists than (supergrass & primal scream) and never played KC before or further back that 2018(stereophonics)
  12. Due to its location, it’s rare you get 4 days without any rain, that high up in the lakes. Usually gets muddy. Probably had 1/2 years where it hasn’t turned into a pure mud bath.
  13. Primal scream - Thursday supergrass - Friday stereophonics - Saturday foals - Sunday And that’s not a feeling. 100%
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