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  1. 1. Stormzy 2. The Killers 3. Loyle Carner
  2. Is this solely a Beat Hotel type act? Or is Beat Hotel just DJ's?
  3. Tyler The Creator Anderson Paak Action Bronson
  4. This is incredibly fucking irritating I must say.
  5. Good morning guys! Are we expecting any announcements today then?
  6. 1. Loyle Carner 2. Stormzy 3. Slowthai 4. Rex Orange County 5. The Killers In a perfect world Tyler The Creator will be on the full lineup given the surprise lifting of his ban on entering the UK, but I highly doubt it. If so he's on the list.
  7. The Oxfam shop in Streatham where the Stormzy announcement happened is at the end of my road, should I stand outside the window all day?
  8. I’ve joined the party late and can’t scroll back through all the pages because of shite internet, can anybody kindly summarise just what the hell has happened this morning please!! It seems like everyone here is losing the plot (even more so)! Thanks!! 😂
  9. Fuck me I hope he's there this year. Have a feeling he might be. I believe him, Public Enemy, De La Soul and Wu-Tang are touring this year?
  10. It's such a shame that Bestival went so down hill. I think it's probably finished now, isn't it? Or at least for the foreseeable future.
  11. Can't wait! Assuming it goes live at midnight I'll be listening!
  12. Last year me and a few friends camped at the top of Webb's Ash I believe, just underneath the bottom right corner of The Wood on last year's map, and it was fucking fantastic. Definitely going to end up there again this year! Great views, everyone around us was fun, good proximity to the Pyramid (if that's your thing) as well as some great food stalls/toilets.
  13. Hello! I'm fairly new to the forum, and I was just wondering if there are many Hip-Hop fans on the site, and wanted to gauge any predictions/hopes for any potential Hip-Hop/Grime acts at the festival this year? Also I'd love to hear any fond (or not so fond) memories people have of Hip-Hop at Glasto from previous years? Personally after really hoping Kendrick Lamar would headline this year, I've had to give up on that and pray that the Childish Gambino rumours are true. Saw him at Lovebox last year and he was hands down one of the best performers I've ever seen - real energy, intensity and his vocal performance was on point. I'd love to see Loyle Carner return, as well as some classic Hip-Hop DJ's like DJ Premier and Grandmaster Flash. My favourite previous memory of a Hip-Hop act at Glasto has to be Kanye on the Pyramid Stage (don't shoot me), as I've been a huge fan since 2004, and was right up front for it. Great night!
  14. jackmerton

    2019 Headliners

    There's a general bit of confusion amongst my group of friends, where some are insisting that Emily near enough confirmed at one point that one of the headliners would be a woman? We were all banking on Madonna or Gaga for so long but in here it seems everybody is convinced it's Stormzy/The Cure/Killers. Now we're thinking one of us made it up to the rest of the group and then somehow we all ended up believing it..
  15. My two favourites. The first is this one with the legendary Rob Da Bank of Bestival. We bumped into him in 2017 while watching Katy Perry at the Pyramid (Don't judge). It was his birthday, my mate challenged him to an arm wrestle on the floor - which he gladly took on - and then hooked us all up with free Bestival tickets for later that year. He's a bit of a hero for our group of mates, so we were all over the moon. The second photo is with Loyle Carner who'd earlier that day performed at the John Peel stage. Me and a mate were waiting for Stormzy to start and two guys walked in front of us - one wearing a plastic Darth Maul mask. My mate SOMEHOW recognises that it's Loyle Carner purely from the back of his head, shouts his name, and Loyle turns round and whips the mask off in complete disbelief that he'd been spotted. He saw the funny side though and was happy to have a picture with us before slipping the mask back on and continuing on through the crowd. They may not be the most visually exciting photos for somebody who isn't arsed about meeting either of these people, but they were great moments for us! Also besides me it was the first time at Glastonbury for all of my mates, so this just added to the magic.
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