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  1. I think you're all being setup for disappointment and kendrick will go to werchter boutique to replace paul mccartney
  2. @ken19 any chance guns n roses will be in a better mood 2021 and be the friday headliner? or do we need to think about something way different?
  3. don't underestimate just how much people will buy tickets for that name alone
  4. Yesh but they'll have a new album. And booking at artist twice in a row is nothing new for graspop.
  5. Think An upgrade to vorst is more likely. Maybe a replacement on graspop if someone bails
  6. I know a lot of you guys might not like it but I know a band that's very close and sold out every show they've announced so far. MCR ... are livenation really not seeing that a lot of people are waiting for this?
  7. not in belgium no, this day will not sell out if nothing new is added here.
  8. graspop is no stranger to letting bands play twice in a row, especially if there's a new album for the second year.
  9. why ? makes no sense to put them in the ab when they're so close to graspop and rock werchter.
  10. I see room for a metal day with slipknot, limp bizkit, fever 333, I prevail closeby
  11. Is it bad that I don't know a single band on this list?
  12. @ken19 any insight on how Rock werchter perceived the parkway drive booking last year? if it was positive I can see the gojira booking working out maybe this year.
  13. already announced for lokerse feesten in Belgium, so very unlikely
  14. I think meh is the correct word to describe this. it's ok but not wow
  15. that would be a very poor day in my opinion. LG is not big at all here and the stroker are exclusive but not a band that can carry a day by itself.
  16. i think livenation is still not sure if graspop gets the repeat booking of gojira to spice up their friday or if werchter gets the unexpected choice of gojira to spice up their friday.
  17. maybe another kind of belgian bands ? brutus, amenra ?
  18. I think that would be the case if they started to sell more tickets, but them not being able to sell out lotto arena is telling to me. I'd love to see a nightwish headline with the stipulation that the day itself has a very strong program but I think they're just a tad short of being headliner at this point. Maybe with a strong new album that could change.
  19. still very apparent that the friday is the weakest day. was hoping to see mastodon, 3 doors down, etc on that day. Also some strange positions in the metalcore genre. Porbably because some of these names were more recently booked than others? Wage war being booked lower than crystal lake while crystal lake supports wage war on tour for example. chelsea grin being booked at a way too high spot in regards to the tickets that band brings in. Northlane also booked too low , that band is bigger than chelsea grin and suicide silence nowadays.
  20. Saw sabaton draw a big crowd at sportpaleis yesterday. standing area full, bottom ring full at first sight, top ring closed. Stubru has also been heavily promoting this band. I think there's a chance we'll see them at RW.
  21. since the sunday mainstage seems complete I think, we'll see them going to graspop again but while she sleeps is a perfect slope closer which plays in holland the same weekend (jera friday or saturday)
  22. was also trying to get tickets, sadly didn't get any
  23. @opel any other MCR announcements Monday or just the Ukraine festival?
  24. seeing like that really goes to show how weak the friday is compared to all other days
  25. Much smaller venue. Think that will sell out fast
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