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  1. Kind of sad the only headliners being suggested here are exclusively male, and almost exclusively white, with the exception of the Weeknd. Have a bit more imagination guys. Just because Melvin Benn's a dried up, boring, old Tory doesn't mean the bands that play his festivals have to be.
  2. Dry Cleaning/Goat Girl clash is not the one 😞
  3. Ah thank you. Tbf at least they announced it. Went to Reading recently and they quietly removed a lot of big names (e.g. Doja Cat) from the line up without ever formally announcing it.
  4. Can anyone please show me where Wide Awake have announced that SCALPING and Dream Wife are being replaced? Can't find anything on their website or Twitter, and don't use other social media really!
  5. God I hope not, that would be an incredibly upsetting downgrade.
  6. Bloody hell, is it opening soon?? I'm not even leaving London till 1500 as thought gates opened at 1800! Wish they'd communicated this a bit better.
  7. Yeah they usually do, but the sound is pretty shocking haha wonder what it'll be like this year with two main stages? I know they aren't supposed to clash but you always end up with bands going on late/early at these things, so there are bound to be some sound clashes.
  8. Ah that sucks mate, is there a box office onsite you could go to?
  9. Ah ffs, so they're still silent discos, just in the arena instead of the campsites. Bloody hell!
  10. Does anyone know anything about the "Transgressive Takeover" on the Alternative Stage? https://www.readingfestival.com/news/alternative-stage-line-up-just-announced Is it just a silent disco in the main arena area? Or is it proper late night DJ sets? And what does "very very late" mean?
  11. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but is it just the NME/Radio 1 tent that's become a stage this year? I had this idea that all of the tents were going to be stages this year for some reason?
  12. So at the mo the thinking is that the secret sets will be: Don Broco, Frank Carter et al, and Waterparks? Is that all of the secret set slots filled?
  13. God, surely they could've got someone more inspiring than Blossoms. Fucking hell.
  14. Could Lets Eat Grandma be a shout for a secret set? They're doing a late night DJ set at Reading. Seems an odd thing to come all the way to Reading for if they aren't performing too?
  15. Male dominated headliners, great 🙄
  16. Does anyone "in the know" know if this is still likely to go ahead. I'm pinning my post-lockdown hopes on being able to go to Boomtown and have a wicked time, after all these weeks of tedium and unrest etc., but some how - despite them not having said anything yet - I don't think it's likely to go ahead? Idk if it's worth anything but I saw the UK's CMO said something about social distancing, although not necessarily lockdown, lasting into December 😕 I'd rather know sooner than later, as I'm sure most would, to get the disappointment out of the way haha
  17. I admire your optimism Haha no APE line up has ever been this good. I'd rather they had three solid days tbh rather than spreading three days' worth of good acts over six days
  18. haha, I daresay the arrogance of this post has aged pretty badly! Sucks it got cancelled, though, especially for all the food vendors who tours festis and probably do a pretty good trade off Glasto
  19. WStoner

    2020 headliners

    Defo. Lazy booking. He's fine live but the last time I saw him it did seem the epitome of pressing 'play' on his big singles and wandering around a bit. Maybe his headline slot would be decent, but I can't imagine it'd be as good as any of the other artists that could've taken the slot instead.
  20. A lot of acts that played last year / 2017?
  21. That's the one. Not used it or opened it since last June...
  22. Just got an update from the app saying it's using my location? It's a sign!
  23. Yeah, I thought that. Especially the O2 in London. Could've maybe done a date at Ally Pally then added another if the first sold well
  24. If they did cancel it, do you think the tickets would be valid for a re-scheduled Glastonbury? I don't think I could bear losing the ticket and having to go through the hell of sales again. Makes me anxious just thinking about it!
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