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    The 1975

    As previously mentioned, wouldn't their pledge to only play gender-balanced festivals put them out of contention for most (if not all) UK festivals next year? Quite a vague pledge but a quick Google provides their intended definition of "gender-balanced" - "festivals with a greater percentage of female and non-binary artists on the line-up". I love Glasto, but I can't imagine it conforming to that definition by 2023...
  2. Ah fair. Is odd she's not been asked to play 😞
  3. Might have been asked already but is Snail Mail in contention for one of the secret sets? She's in Bristol just before Glasto and had a big Glasto-sized hole in her schedule?
  4. WStoner

    Last day at work

    Next Tues, but I've done bugger all the last day or so except check eFestivals and look at Clashfinder
  5. Does it get super busy there? Or is it a relatively well kept secret?
  6. I wonder if Burna Boy might end up being replaced on the line up, given the recent shooting in Lagos? https://www.vanguardngr.com/2022/06/club-shooting-update-police-invite-burna-boy-for-interrogation/
  7. Hello all, a quick query about getting the coach from Victoria to the festival. My ticket is for the 1130 coach, but am I correct in thinking I could turn up a lot earlier and just get any coach pretty much? Or if I got to the front of the queue for, say, 0930 would they make me wait two hours for my allotted time? The reason I ask is last time I turned up 30 mins before my coach but then had to queue for about two hours, so thinking of turning up two hours early this time but don't want to get turned away!
  8. Thundercat and Anderson Paak. Amazing on West Holts in 2017. Touring UK Glasto weekend but seem like an unlikely addition 😞
  9. I've had a pair of Alpine MusicSafe Pro Ear Plugs since Feb and they've worked perfectly! Never get ringing in my ears after gigs anymore, and you can still hear everything. I bought them after a gig at Electrowerkz in London that was so loud it made me feel like I was going to vomit. Very irresponsible.
  10. King Gizzard have a Glasto shaped gap in their touring schedule...hopefully! Also, maybe Thundercat and Anderson Paak as they're in London that weekend?
  11. Elbow on Park Stage in 2017. I'm not an Elbow fan and don't listen to their albums etc. but like some singles. They played just as the sun was going down on Saturday(?) and it was just magical for some reason!
  12. Oh well, we'll see! Tbh I'd imagine he'll probably play with his usual backing band, especially if the show's one of a bunch of Euro shows? Would be wild if Thundercat joined the tour on electric bass like he did a few years ago!
  13. No probs, yeah same! Sadly clashes with Boomtown 😞 I do wonder how well it'll sell? I think the festival's about 15,000 capacity and as much as I love Kamasi Washington and Ezra Collective, I can't see them selling that number of tickets?
  14. Yeah, I get their reasons for not releasing a line up but feel they could've released maybe a few headliners or something for each area. Hard to get excited about the idea of an area! I do wonder if Four Tet, Kamasi Washington and Ezra Collective could play - all playing London on 13 Aug!
  15. Looks to be 13 August - https://www.livenation.co.uk/show/1363528/kamasi-washington-and-ezra-collective/london/2022-08-13/en
  16. I reckon Noisia could make an appearance. They did their final UK solo shows last year but said they'd honour their 2020 festival commitments in 2022!
  17. Just came here to post about this! I'm eyeing up Field Day and Gorillaz day but 70 big ones plus almost 10 quid in fees seems so steep. What's the likelihood of there being cheap tickets nearer the time?
  18. Kind of sad the only headliners being suggested here are exclusively male, and almost exclusively white, with the exception of the Weeknd. Have a bit more imagination guys. Just because Melvin Benn's a dried up, boring, old Tory doesn't mean the bands that play his festivals have to be.
  19. Dry Cleaning/Goat Girl clash is not the one 😞
  20. Ah thank you. Tbf at least they announced it. Went to Reading recently and they quietly removed a lot of big names (e.g. Doja Cat) from the line up without ever formally announcing it.
  21. Can anyone please show me where Wide Awake have announced that SCALPING and Dream Wife are being replaced? Can't find anything on their website or Twitter, and don't use other social media really!
  22. God I hope not, that would be an incredibly upsetting downgrade.
  23. Bloody hell, is it opening soon?? I'm not even leaving London till 1500 as thought gates opened at 1800! Wish they'd communicated this a bit better.
  24. Yeah they usually do, but the sound is pretty shocking haha wonder what it'll be like this year with two main stages? I know they aren't supposed to clash but you always end up with bands going on late/early at these things, so there are bound to be some sound clashes.
  25. Ah that sucks mate, is there a box office onsite you could go to?
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