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  1. might've been asked already but does anyone know what searches are like? i was going to take cans and box wine but the restrictions on alcohol are super tight
  2. You're confused about a thread with the word 'Boom' in the title in a forum about Boomtown?
  3. WStoner

    Mallets or Thatchers?

    No, that would rest on the assumption that cats are superior to dogs, which they are not.
  4. WStoner

    Mallets or Thatchers?

    Both utter dog shit, but Mallets is marginally less dog shit than Thatchers in my opinion
  5. Ezra Collective at West Holts were my festival highlight!
  6. WStoner

    Stone Circle

    Busy in the day on Thurs with people sat in the shade / going to the dragon. Still walked past two groups of c**ts using NOS there though, even at that stage (around 1400/1500).
  7. WStoner

    Pangea.... Thoughts

    I couldn't but feel sorry for the poor bastard driving the crane backwards and forwards through the same 90 degree angle over and over again for hours haha I liked the area more, used to hate how dark it was at the spider and how easy it was to lose people.
  8. I'm not sure that's accurate, I thought the festival's policy was that "serve ware – including straws and hot drink lids – must be made from paper, card, wood or leaves and be fully compostable."? Which would seem to extend beyond bottles?
  9. Exactly! Seemed incredibly unfair to tell independent traders they couldn't use plastic and then allow some massive corporation to do exactly that. I wonder if it was agreed upon with the organisers or if the Co-op just disregarded the ban and won't be invited back as a result?
  10. I'm not not sure I understand. Are you saying the plastic was all fine, or are you saying snack pots etc, plastic trays etc. were all single use? If so, it seems a bit off that independent traders couldn't sell anything with single use plastic but co-op could?
  11. WStoner

    Flops 2019

    Tame Impala - seen them before and been disappointed, I think this will be the last time I bother unless there's absolutely nothing else on The Streets - no fault of theirs but putting then on such a small stage was a dog shit decision Janet Jackson - one of the most boring things I've ever seen. Felt like she was probably miming and missed Lizzo to see her as I thought it'd be a shame not to see Jackson given her legendary status Wu-Tang - half and half on this one but felt like a very weird low-energy set. And what was with all the sing alongs to other people's songs?
  12. I might be wrong about this but wasn't co-op basically full of single use plastic?!
  13. WStoner

    Alcohol Thread

    8 cans Tesco cider 18 cans Wrongbow 12 cans Mallets Cider Tbh planning on saving some for Boomtown and then just buying decent, cold cider at the bars where possible. Might even try some cocktails etc. if money allows this year. I think it must be my low tolerance but I have no idea how my friends, and probably people here too, get through 40+ cans, a litre of spirits, and several boxes of wine etc.! You'd be weeing all the time haha
  14. 100% agree. If you don't mind where you camp, or if you have friends who will hold a space for you, arrive a little later. I think I queued maybe 25/30 mins in 2017 when it was pretty ferocious temperature-wise, as against friends who arrived a lot earlier and queued for upwards of two hours. You can have fun in the queue, as I'm sure you know, but when it's blazing hot and you're carrying a lot of stuff the novelty soon wears off!
  15. Drums are in the 'prohibited items' list. Is that what killed the drum circles at stone circle? seems an odd thing to ban?
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