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  1. I admire your optimism Haha no APE line up has ever been this good. I'd rather they had three solid days tbh rather than spreading three days' worth of good acts over six days
  2. haha, I daresay the arrogance of this post has aged pretty badly! Sucks it got cancelled, though, especially for all the food vendors who tours festis and probably do a pretty good trade off Glasto
  3. WStoner

    2020 headliners

    Defo. Lazy booking. He's fine live but the last time I saw him it did seem the epitome of pressing 'play' on his big singles and wandering around a bit. Maybe his headline slot would be decent, but I can't imagine it'd be as good as any of the other artists that could've taken the slot instead.
  4. A lot of acts that played last year / 2017?
  5. That's the one. Not used it or opened it since last June...
  6. Just got an update from the app saying it's using my location? It's a sign!
  7. Yeah, I thought that. Especially the O2 in London. Could've maybe done a date at Ally Pally then added another if the first sold well
  8. If they did cancel it, do you think the tickets would be valid for a re-scheduled Glastonbury? I don't think I could bear losing the ticket and having to go through the hell of sales again. Makes me anxious just thinking about it!
  9. Pretty much every 16 year old that wasn't 16 in the 2000s Haha
  10. Where's this Kooks stuff coming from? It isn't 2006 Haha. Their last album came out two years ago and charted at No 9 in the UK. They aren't exactly popular young go-getting ticket sellers with consistent a back catalogue?
  11. You can't possibly be serious? The man openly support For Britain and once said ""The word ['racist'] is meaningless now. Everyone ultimately prefers their own race—does this make everyone racist?". He has a long history of making racist remarks. I'm not sure how any of that is "not really outside of what a lot of people think"?
  12. Squarepusher on Nucleus will still be cool, though! And possibly less abrasive haha
  13. Ah for fuck's sake, I thought someone here said Aphex Twin was nailed on for Boomtown this year?
  14. Oops, I meant two weeks before Glasto Haha Bur could see Kaytranada, Snoh, and BBNG on West Holts. And Tyler the Creator and Robyn around somewhere?
  15. Lovebox has just added some new acts. Only two weeks after Glasto so could be some cross over?
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