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  1. What are they thinking releasing that line up ? It’s truly embarrassing expecting people to buy tickets to that. They have made a right mess of it this year. There is no way it will sell me out. Complete and utter let down.
  2. CATB headlining is tragic and a sad state of affairs.
  3. I don't know but the announcement has been a total shambles. Got a feeling a lot of people will be disappointed come Monday night.
  4. Seen Mumford at Hydro before Xmas and they were decent. Hope they come back.
  5. Please god no. Add in Snow Patrol.
  6. Yeah they did. Snow Patrol as a headline act is total tragic imo.
  7. Yeah id say so. Not be far off it I think.
  8. Do you know the confirmed line up ? Not asking you to tell us just ask check if you know if its confirmed?
  9. Awk. Thought Drake might have been a surprise headliner.
  10. That would be an utter shambles. CATB are not a headline act imo. Stormzy either. Doesn't look as if it will good headliners this year.
  11. Maybe so but not for a long time and it was probs ruled out due to the clientele it would attract.
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