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  1. Just seen Matt Corby's playing Citadel, any chance of him turning up?
  2. Spoke to White Lies after their gig last night, said they wouldn't be playing this year, don't know if they were ever mentioned or not, but one to rule out.
  3. Ah my apologies then, haven't read that far back, but knew they'd been mentioned!
  4. Apparently Enter Shikari are playing 4 sets across the weekend. Not sure if it's been posted before?
  5. Fisher and Honey Dijon are there
  6. Bastille (subbed by Chvurches), Mura Masa (subbed Billie Eilish) and TBC (subbed Fredo) for the other day on NME as well
  7. Been told Royal Blood subbing 1975, Blossoms subbing the Co's (Anderson.Paak 4th down), and ADTR subbing Foo's.
  8. Royal Blood are subbing 1975, wombats and YMAS 3rd and 4th
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