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  1. New Aldous Harding track is extraordinary, really hope she's back this year.
  2. Back to excited again having just seen an ad for the 10-year anniversary release of Nights Out – now that's an album I loved! Better than English Riviera... could definitely get behind a Nights Out heavy set...
  3. Parquet Courts could be late night big top? Curious where Mitski will be – the album from last year is extraordinary, and topped a lot of year-end best-ofs – very excited to see her. She's a highlight for me along with Low, who I've seen a dozen or more times, never seen them do a dud show, their Garden set a few years ago was beyond, agree the new material could work in the big top but fingers crossed for the Garden.
  4. Oh dear, I was feeling relatively optimistic about Metronomy (thinking: "ah they're good fun, I remember loving English Riviera, am sure i'll enjoy the new stuff too"), but just listened to Back Together and found it absolutely UNBEARABLE! Almost like a terrible parody of someone inimitable like Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Damn! Nevertheless, enough other good stuff to enjoy. Am gutted about SVE, was so sure we'd get her, surprised not to see Aldous Harding as well, though she could easily be in a second announcement. There's so little acoustic/folky guitar in this announcement – neither good nor bad – but, as everyone is saying, so eclectic... I'm loving investigating so far.
  5. This could be true of a new Metronomy album too... In terms of who/where... its so hard to tell – Bill Callahan (Garden headline slot) and Slowdive (Thursday night) were both in the second announcement in 2017, and as per the poster, The Jesus & Mary Chain looked lower down the bill but were Woods headliners, they weren't even mentioned in the announcement write-up... In 2016, the Shins were added in the third announcement, with Ezra (garden headline) in a tiny fourth announcement...
  6. Less of a stick to beat them with and more musing about who might be to come –– I seem to remember Joana Newsome was in the second announcement, there could be another headliner to come? Unpopular opinion, but I think Metronomy will be great fun. All round stellar announcement and I'm excited to get stuck in to the acts down the bill!
  7. Long time lurker, first-time poster. Back for my fifth consecutive end of the road – always trust the undercard will provide many new delights. One thing that strikes me this year ––– so few women at the top! How many more headliners to come? Might things rejig up top –– two, maybe three, more up there? Could Jarvis be the woods support (same slot as Devendra Banhart a few years back?) Got to assume garden headliners will be Low (they've headlined Garden before and hardly going to be 'demoted') and Courtney, possibly one more to come? Any chance of Metronomy anywhere other than Woods headliner? seems unlikely but... Big Top after hours? Like most people, finding the headliners perplexing...
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