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  1. o_desilva

    Latitude 2019

    I just want Jamie T or Raleigh Ritchie 😭
  2. o_desilva

    Latitude 2019

    I actually think Loyle Carner is, he has gained much more of a following since he last performed at Latitude in 2017, and his new stuff is really good tbf
  3. o_desilva

    Latitude 2019

    Have mixed feelings on this years lineup; Lana Del Rey should be brilliant. Also pumped for Underworld, plays wanted to see them live, and to see them storm the Obelisk will be mental. Snow Patrol were relevant 10 years ago but nowadays they feel like a novelty act, but again they have some great stuff in their catalogue. George Ezra is the biggest 'hmm' for me; talented guy but too family-specific and predictable for me as a headliner, only good thing about it is that he is performing on the Friday rather than Sat. Loyle Carner/Sigrid/Nadine Shah/Cat Power should be great, just hoping the the next lineup announcement includes more bands, feels like the whole lineup is lacking them in comparison to solo artists. Would have loved to have seen Hozier/Elbow/Florence there this year but oh well, still going to be a good weekend I am sure of it.