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  1. Wouldn’t day tickets sell out before weekend tickets? I’ve literally not heard of a single person going this year.
  2. as a note to the above, stormzy can headline the friday next year, with a better batch of available acts. his glastonbury headline is done so people can see the fallout and see how much it actually effects his status as a headliner, and he becomes less of a risk.
  3. ok in total from conversations on this forum and a number of bands have popped up. for the record i think catfish and the bottlemen are an acceptable headliner, but having them move up to headliners with 2 other first time headliners is why this line up is receiving such a bad reaction. example - R&L have bumped up the 1975 to headliners, to assist ticket sales, they also booked Foo fighters. R&L have also been clever by previously having bands co headline with another band before being moved up to straight up headliners e.g. foals, fall out boy, etc. neither of these things have been done by trnsmt which is why it is recieving such a bad reaction, having catfish and the bottlemen healdine solo this year while pushing ezra to a co headliner with another headline act e.g foals, noel gallagher. would of worked, you would then need a decent sized standalone to be the "big name" of the festival, RHCP would of been perfect for this role. or even foo fighters ( yes i know they are doing summer sessions but i think they are big enough to sell good tickets for both). in regards to previous comments about ezra, i do believe its justified, he has been massively over booked in the uk, headlining TRNSMT, isle of wight, parklife, neighbourhood, and god knows how many other festivals, if you are a fan of him, their are a million places to see him. also the festivals he is headlining arent exactly selling well, example given of neighbourhood weekender selling out in a day last year but not being anywhere near sold out this year with ezra as headliner after 4 months, his day is also being outsold by richard ashcrofts sunday who is 3rd down on the trnsmt lineup. the line up is also to Diverse, they havent got enough one target audiences preferences to attract. e.g. a large amount of people who want to watch richard ashcroft, dmas etc on the saturday arent going to be interested in watching george ezra and jess glynne on the sunday, or stormzy and years and years on the friday. yes Gerry cinnamon is a big draw in Scotland, but for someone travelling up he alone isnt going to tempt someone up for the Friday when he seems to be everywhere this year. i think a lot of people going to the festival this year would be going regardless of the lineup, i also think you will see less people travelling distances because of the diversity of the line up not giving it enough pulling power to each genre, going up to Glasgow for a single day ticket from England as an example, £50 train return, £75 hotel, £50 day ticket, £50 spends. a number of people wont want to spend £200+ for a day of that line up. to the original question, from acts available you wouldn't even have to change it that much. an example below. friday Catfish and the bottlemen Gerry Cinammon DMA's miles kane The Snuts The Amazons. Saturday Red Hot Chilli peppers Richard Ashcroft Ian Brown The Kooks The Wombats Sunday George Ezra / Snow Patrol CO headline. Bastille Years and Years Jess Glynne Tom Grennan Sam Fender. All of these acts are available. all i have done is change 1 headliner and added 2 lower acts and swapped a few around, for me that line up would sell miles more tickets. Genuinely interested to hear peoples thoughts.
  4. think the exact same about you to be honest.
  5. Would probably say v fest is more of a pop festival than indie festival, which iow line up do you mean?
  6. Gonna contribute to the meltdown with a challenge. Find me a worse line up to a major uk indie festival. I do not think there has ever been one.
  7. would have to be a decent undercard to tempt me, if the headliners are stormzy, ezra and catfish, still going to cost 3 nights in a hotel, train ticket and spends. the rumored subs wouldn't tempt me that much either. already seeing gerry in manchester, saw ashcroft in manchester thought he was decent but wouldnt draw to glasgow, zero interest in jess glyne, bastille and other pop acts.even with a free ticket this rumoured line up is probably a no go if you have to travel.
  8. So basically it’s right with bastille at sub? That’s the worst top end of a major uk festival I have ever seen.
  9. on that note, i highly doubt ezra would headline or even sub glasto.
  10. I can’t wait for this live feed, imagine they stick a guy guessing live on their social media platforms, they play George Ezra “oh fuck off, you Joking, he’s shit” awkward 😂😂😂
  11. Think you’re gonna be in for a shock.
  12. Lol, you’re joking right? The line up this year is terrible. Leeds hasn’t had a decent line up since 2016
  13. Hate to be that guy, but it’s very clear from the cheap prices that TRNSMT know the line up wouldn’t sell at full price. If it is Ezra, catfish and stormzy. They probably would rather sell Extra tickets for a cheaper price to get people through the door. Wouldn’t be surprised to see much cheaper tickets closer to the event.
  14. i mean i strongly disagree but ok, only 3 acts have sold out (or near enough) out the 9 days theyve done so far, kasabian, liam gallagher and arctic monkeys. even biffy clyro didnt sell out, i personally doubt any day will this year, possibly the saturday if they throw gerry on as a sub.
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