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  1. don't think noel is that big of a draw anymore, he didnt even sell out heaton park in manchester with Doves supporting. think the last few years of slagging off his fan base has come round to bite him on the backside.
  2. As others have said here, Lewis capaldi could of probably sold this day out on his own, they could have me on the undercard and it’d be the same result. The majority of people that are going to buy weekend tickets for this will be going for the bands simply due to how it’s filled out with them. I’m not saying no women would draw and I can’t stress that enough. but naming people like little mix is hilarious , there’s not a chance people are going to buy weekend tickets (which is want they want to sell) for such a madly mixed line up. Even when Rita Ora came out, all the reactions I was seeing were essentially “what is she doing there”
  3. i understand that having women in the line up is important, but its not like anyone who bought tickets to go and watch this festival are going to want to see acts like little mix and carly rae jepson. they are hardly go to acts for people who like liam gallagher, courteeners, ian brown, foals etc.and the organizers clearly know this.
  4. don't really see any issue with their being no female artists, you can see the target audience this is aimed at and the genre they are booking. what female artists would you actually be able to book to go alongside this line up? wolf alice? florence and machine? didnt even know who billie eilish was so googled her and shes basically just a goth, she wouldnt go down well with the type of person who will buy tickets for this. neither would taylor swift.
  5. so we have, LG, capaldi and foals headlining with snow patrol, keane, twin atlantic, blossoms, ian brown on the undercard. class that, miles better than i thought it would be but still loads of room on the card.
  6. wow this has all of a sudden gone absolutely awful.
  7. not what i would of predicted but id be really happy with that.
  8. so to be clear, do bands playing mad cool usually not do trnsmt? if so the majority of names on this forum are out as theyre pretty much all doing that festival. in fairness, its a pretty big line up. https://madcoolfestival.es/en/line-up.php
  9. Well, I had my hope. Thanks for not letting me get too excited ?
  10. The strokes headline every festival they do at the moment, feel like they’ve protected their headline slot. Some of the shouts on this forum are getting me really excited, any of Ian brown, stereophonics, Noel, courteeners as a sub/ co headliner with the strokes and another day having biffy Clyro and I’d be absolutely buzzing
  11. That’s got to be the strokes. Would love it if they headlined, strokes with a Noel sub would be a dream line up
  12. yeah, i love noel but he doesn't draw like he used to, didn't even sell out a reduced Heaton park in Manchester (25k) would be either a very strong sub or decent co headliner though.
  13. Hoping this means a line up announcement soon.
  14. Got my hopes up for a minute, miles better than anything else I’m seeing in this thread so far
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