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  1. Mad to look how long this is all taking and think how they just chucked it out on disc nearly a year ago like 'there u go'
  2. Tbf there are more references to On Her Majesty's Secret Service than the last couple of Bond films.
  3. A few good moments, but maybe the least tense big horror film I've seen. There's a bit where they start building tension as 2 characters think Michael is in the house, then it just cuts to another scene somewhere else, deflating it entirely. Really bizarre to edit it like an episode of 24. It really did not matter that these 2 scenes were happening concurrently.
  4. I felt the same. Red means sold out. They shoulda gone with white or even the same gold for the handwritten style dates.
  5. Giving all that money back and then charging again? Big move by the Weekend there. The Guardian did a Top Earners in music list a few years back, and he was number 1 ahead of people like Beyonce and Drake. I bet part of it is just wanting to finally end this era and be on something new by October 2022.
  6. Best gigs in the world. Young women take up very little space so there's always loads of room at the back, great sightlines, and no queue for the bar.
  7. My girlfriend got covid 2 weeks ago, and then I got it on the tail end of her. I'm free to leave the house as of today, but we had to miss gigs by L Devine and Salem. I think they odds of me seeing them again are pretty slim, but there are worse (better??) acts to be missing out on. Since returning to gigs with a social distanced WARGASM and a Sleeper/Bluetones twofer, I've been to: Godiva festival. The free festival that costs £12 for a weekend ticket. Supergrass on the friday were good, but didn't blow me away. Crowd was decent, but the sound is aimed at a very small area, despite the field really filling. We burrow in down the left hand side. Meanwhile snakes of teens would slither into the pit, wait for a mosh that would never come, then slither out again 30 seconds later. This would happen constantly, with numerous different snakes. When I started going to gigs, there were people to learn from, but now it feels like there isn't, and kids want to replicate what they've seen, but don't really understand the context for it, or how it organically happens. Saturday's crowd was much worse. At one point during Craig David I felt pressure on my back and turned around to find some scutty man clad in patchwork denim leaning back to back on me as if he was a cowboy falling asleep in the hay bales. I threw him off and he rounded up his group of mismatched friends. A white guy with dreads tried to give it the biggun, and I'm sorry but I am not one to be intimidated by some Big Mountain wannabe. They soon left. Craig David himself I expected more from, but the sound was not good. Performed his own songs, and others, doing what Sophie Ellis Bextor just did, but nowhere near as well. Sophie was great with her full band (especially doing Like A Prayer) but Craig stepping out from behind the decks to sing at 7/10 his capability, kinda reminded me of those terrible bottle service nightclubs that hire lads to do live drumming over dance songs. Couple weeks later and my girlfriend tells me Joy Crookes is doing a gig 1 minute from our flat. I get home from work, throw my bag down and walk out the front door to see her setting up in Victoria Square. She did maybe 6 or 7 songs, but wow. I've seen her before at the Hare and Hounds, but the surroundings here were surreal. A crowd of people stood around the Floozie watching an act buzzing with nervous excitement, laying it all out there with her voice, while in the background, chanting anti-vaxxers try and form their own version of Hands Across America down New Street. A proper talent with no upper limit to her potential success. The history of popular music is littered with also-rans, but if Joy connects with the general public, she's gonna go all the way. Saw Billie Marten after that. Not much to report. Sounded good but her set was front loaded, much like the current album. Castle and Falcon is a great venue that they keep physically improving. The bar is at the back now, so there's more side space, and you don't get trapped round a corner. The big one was Bring Me the Horizon. First arena gig back. Got there 40 minutes before Nova Twins, the first support. Normally that'd be a 10 minute wait, then straight into an empty floor. Not tonight. Whether it was the covid checks, arguments about bags we were instructed not to bring, or the all new staff, but the queue was insane. If anyone is familiar with the NIA (now 'Utilita' Arena) in Birmingham, the worst I ever found the standing queue was when it looped from the door, then down onto a bit of the canal. This time it went right down the canal all the way to the Distillery (fka The Fiddle and Bone). Sunk cost, we went off to the shakey, knowing full well were weren't going to see Nova Twins or You Me at Six. After sinking a few we walked back near 2 hours later, just as they opened the upstairs queue for downstairs people. After being questioned about the contents of my pockets ("what's that?" 'the fob for my building' "if you say so") we managed to see the last 2 YM@6 songs. Dunno if they sounded great or if I was just overwhelmed at being in an arena again, but with the lights, the sound and the atmosphere, it was a shot of adrenaline I hadn't felt since Halsey at the Millenium Dome in March 2020. Bring Me...were incredible. So many songs to choose from, and everything they played went off, including an phone-lights-on acoustic version of Follow You - a style I normally find anathema to a good time - which was actually lovely. The closing run of Obey, Throne and Can You Feel My Heart was pure euphoria, and I gotta hand it to the inventor of the 2 pint cup for creating the perfect vessel for non spill when you're jumping around. The band aren't to everybody's tastes, but I can't think of anyone else from the UK doing anything this big. I want to go back.
  8. 1 friday a month, in a different venue each time, and Barry from Eastenders coulda transcend Rave Bingo and become our Billy Joel doing MSG.
  9. it's legible compared with the full tour poster
  10. Girlfriend got a positive hit for the covi saturday, so the first time in forever I didn't get to see The Big Film opening weekend. Had booked imax as well
  11. Thoughts with Michael Kiwanuka. At least Goat Girl will be playing to a near empty field of disinterested people.
  12. I've booked the imax cineworld for sunday afternoon. It was relatively full for this far in advance (for films lately). They automatically put my seats next to 2 that were already booked, so I guess they're doing 100% capacity now Bond's out.
  13. Didn't see this posted here. Obviously these June dates are gonna get antennas up. Friday Rock Act still A Thing? Surprised that Go-Go's would spaff their return on a support slot, but then where else would they play?
  14. If they got the idea simply because they were hanging out with Johnny Marr, this is even funnier.
  15. On o2 Priority now. Rick Astley's gonna get the shock of his life when 50 year old men start rushing on stage to grab at him.
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