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  1. lol sziget gets the Strokes, I see how it is
  2. A long time admirer of Truck, finally pulled the trigger following the uninspiring Reading line up, can't wait!
  3. Reading doesn't deserve Weyes Blood
  4. feel like pure shit just want the Friday 2019 undercard back x
  5. Took the words out my mouth, keyboard? phone?
  6. By alternative I meant different lol, more into indie shit myself
  7. Now I want to look at alternative festivals for this summer haha
  8. MIGOS subbing is sapping my fucking energy so much
  9. D-block Europe third down lol same space as blossoms last year hahaha
  10. I don't know how I feel about this I'm not disappointed because theres a lot I'll go see across the weekend but after last year it feels incredibly lifeless for the most part
  11. In trying to please everyone, they have pleased no one
  12. @Dan Wilcox are IDLES on the bill at all mate? Cheers for the thrills on this thread by the way almost got as crazy as 2018
  13. Bit worrying it doesn't mention any subs and Aitch, AJ Tracey etc are listed so could they be subs ?
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