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  1. I for one cannot wait for 3 main stages all headlined by MCR and AM.
  2. Catfish and the Bottlemen headline slot inbound...
  3. can't wait for oasis lads to see Peggy spit into someones mouth if he does play lol
  4. that looked so legit good job mate but I nearly shit myself with happiness
  5. Ginger didn’t really flop but everything else I agree with, fingers crossed since their last R+L set was so good
  6. Yeah man, they really blew up in the last couple years and it’s great to see since they went through quite a rocky patch recently
  7. Brockhampton touring UK in May, rules them out most likely now
  8. Mate I’ve been burned enough by Festival Republic to learn that anytime we think something is a given it never is true haha
  9. I’m losing a lot of hope tyler will play Reading now though,
  10. Nah it’s just the days Liam is playing going on sale
  11. I feel bad for whoever is subbing Liam
  12. Dread it, run from it, Fall Out Boy and Liam Gallagher arrives all the same...
  13. Mac always puts on a good show don’t get the hate really
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