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  1. Will add that I was also at Glasgow for BC,NR. I think for a warm up tour to test new material it was really strong and there’s definitely the makings of solid songs in there. They’ll definitely iron out the kinks by festival season. Loved the last track by Tyler (bassist) and the second Lewis (saxophonist) track. Seems they’ve found their groove with the arcade fire chamber pop-esque style and it really suits them.
  2. Is it just me and my own taste but did the recent acts announcement seem like not a ‘big’ addition to the lineup?
  3. Don’t think they were announced but saw Honeyglaze open for Wet Leg last night and spoke to them after the show about GM. They said they think they’re playing this year! They did last year too if memory serves…
  4. Anyone got any deep cuts from the line up they recommend? Trying to get myself into more than the ones I already know!
  5. really nice to see Deathcrash on there, been loving their debut.
  6. I guess similar to KLO last year?
  7. Bicep following Beach House would be unreal.
  8. Its a great situation to be where you can't pick which is doing Thursday between two headliners lol
  9. oh well time to go listen to Glue on repeat until august then
  10. lol sziget gets the Strokes, I see how it is
  11. A long time admirer of Truck, finally pulled the trigger following the uninspiring Reading line up, can't wait!
  12. Reading doesn't deserve Weyes Blood
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