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  1. Really wanna try n get a press pass for next year
  2. Had a blast very warm , I would plan it better next year if line up is good, I was wrecked by the end of the cure. I'd stay closer to the place too where I am is too far away. Can't believe I'm heading home tomorrow
  3. Johnny marr and the cure tonight not sure I'll make year's n year's
  4. Wolfmother was brilliant Himalayas were great too
  5. Really liked let's eat grandma got a pic with them after there set, these times are kiiling me though I'm wrecked
  6. Plenty of shade areas witch is good
  7. What time does gates open later at got my wrist band yesterday, water fans helped yesterday
  8. Anyone got the VIP wifi password lol
  9. Going to be a nightmare getting back to the city centre, do you know if there is a taxi rank where the shuttle drops you or better off getting a taxi outside the gig
  10. I'll get mine when I come back lol
  11. What about a sports bottle, how much was the uber roughly
  12. Yep me too re tickets I printed out the pdf tickets and was told to bring them to the box office at the gig and they will change them for the wrist bands, with all this hassle with the tickets now transport don't think I'll be doing the same thing next year
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