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  1. What time do people go to it at what time is the first bus from the square
  2. Anyone know if you can bring a backpack in don't want to be in shorts coming home if it's not over till 3 am
  3. I'm booked into aprthotel tribunal was just wondering if this is any good to get to the festival ?
  4. Think there will be any more acts added
  5. Aprtihotel tribunal is the name of the place seems ok
  6. I booked a aprtihotel near the museum
  7. Yep I ordered to my home, I try learn a bit, staying near the centre but didn't know about this site at the time, can't wait for a open air festival and not get pissed on
  8. This is my first time going to this festival any tips for a newbie already have my flights n apt booked so like what to bring to the gig and general stuff, cheers
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