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  1. Thursday coach for me too. 6am from Liverpool, I can't f**king wait!!
  2. JaiCrispy37

    Alcohol Thread

    16 Cans of JD premix cans. 1 Bottle of JD. 1 Bottle of Amaretto. Job done!
  3. JaiCrispy37

    Walking times

    It's my first time too and I'll be staying in the Pylon Ground. Getting the coach on Thursday and it drops me off near there. I'm actually looking forward the the after hours walk back. Give me a chance to clear my head and knacker me out so I can sleep!
  4. JaiCrispy37


    Following this thread, I'm hoping to uncover some hidden gems that I've not heard of before.
  5. I'll be taking a litre of JD and a Litre of Disaronno. I've got myself a drinks measurer that you put in bottles so I can keep to single measures! ( I've tested it in the plastic bottles I'll be taking so I know it works ) I'll get mixers while I'm wondering about.
  6. Liverpool departure times are on. 6am for me!
  7. Just donated, a small price to pay for hot showers and a sauna!
  8. "Please note we reserve the right to change your allocated departure time and coach number if necessary. We will contact you in advance of your journey on this occasion. Your final departure information will be displayed on your coach ticket." I've got this on my tracker page which suggests I've been allocated a time. I can't anything tough!!
  9. I've been doing that but it doesn't show any times. I'll just have to keep checking
  10. where did you see your time? I'm leaving from Liverpool but haven't had anything through
  11. Not even there yet and my mind is already blown!
  12. JaiCrispy37

    The Wormhole?

    I've just been looking at the map and there's something there called The Wormhole. Does anyone one know what this is? I'm intrigued by it!
  13. It'll mask the smell of a summer sweat!
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