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  1. Thanks everyone, I will definitely be trying for the resale and I've applied to volunteer for Wateraid too. Fingers crossed I'll get there somehow!
  2. Return coach's are a free for all, you basically queue and get shoved onto the first available one. we were booked on the 1300 return but ended up getting one about 1100
  3. I got the coach from Liverpool last year and was allocated a 0600 or 0630 pick up time, I cant remember exactly but I know it was 6ish and it was early!
  4. How does this work? I'm looking for a ticket in the resale, how do I get added to the list and the group?
  5. I'll be going alone this year if I manage to get a ticket in the resale. I've been to concerts on my own before, there's no way I'm missing out on a band just because my friends don't like them. But It'll be a strange experience doing a whole festival alone.
  6. Thanks for the advise everyone. I have thought about volunteering but I wouldn't want to miss out on certain acts because I had to work, then being too tired to party after working for 8 hours! I'm sure I could do it after the first shift but I'd be hanging after that!! Think I'll try for the ticket then just let fate decide. Last year I went with a friend who was hungover and stayed in bed nearly all day on the Sunday and that was the best time I had over the whole festival. Doing what I wanted , seeing the smaller bands and falling asleep in the sun watching BabyMetal. It'll give me a c
  7. Hi, I'm looking to get a ticket in the resale and, if I get one, I'll becoming to Glastonbury on my own. Has anyone ever done this before? I bet there's some advantages on doing it but what's it like after a few days? I can handle being on my own for a while but would I go crazy from the lack of human interaction?? I can be somewhat of an introvert at times and my small talk game is weak!
  8. Thursday coach for me too. 6am from Liverpool, I can't f**king wait!!
  9. 16 Cans of JD premix cans. 1 Bottle of JD. 1 Bottle of Amaretto. Job done!
  10. It's my first time too and I'll be staying in the Pylon Ground. Getting the coach on Thursday and it drops me off near there. I'm actually looking forward the the after hours walk back. Give me a chance to clear my head and knacker me out so I can sleep!
  11. JaiCrispy37


    Following this thread, I'm hoping to uncover some hidden gems that I've not heard of before.
  12. I'll be taking a litre of JD and a Litre of Disaronno. I've got myself a drinks measurer that you put in bottles so I can keep to single measures! ( I've tested it in the plastic bottles I'll be taking so I know it works ) I'll get mixers while I'm wondering about.
  13. Just donated, a small price to pay for hot showers and a sauna!
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