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  1. Come on @Dan Wilcox just tell us the lineup pls
  2. Dan defo winding us up with this Halsey one lads 😂
  3. Not too long at least. Which might explain why you’re leaking some info then
  4. @Dan Wilcox Any idea when we can expect some kind of announcement mate? Still looking at end of Feb?
  5. RATM another one of those who turned it down?
  6. Stormzy // LG // AM would be incredibly strong
  7. Does this new info contain Courteeners, Mumford and Sons and Cardi B headlining @Dan Wilcox
  8. Not sure if I’m reading too much into this but many people have asked Dan who’s playing and who isn’t, the only two he’s replied too are BMTH and Travis. his way of double bluffing maybe?
  9. Is that you saying the whole lineup is depressing?
  10. No one is forcing you too. Beauty of this thing called a ‘festival’
  11. So does that pretty much confirm Stormzy and BMTH then? Or Foals?👀
  12. Agreed, everything is pointing towards BMTH having a big slot. Only just found out that when LG was announced BMTH actually liked the announcement tweet, I know it’s only little, but for me it’s quite significant
  13. Dan has wound us up before but seems like a weird set of headliners to wind us up about tbh
  14. An announcement on Monday saying that the announcement of the lineup will be on the 28th Febuary. Just imagine
  15. That is a dreadful set of headliners
  16. If they’re gunna post something like that, surely need to end it with something like ‘Announcement imminent’ Bit odd I agree
  17. I have no idea what to believe anymore
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