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  1. NI6789

    Worthy view

    I'm considering just getting the national express coach from bristol airport to the festival - don't need to worry about navigating or hire cars etc and can enjoy my sunday without having to keep an eye on how much I drink as I won't be driving. Does anyone know if I landed about 7.40am (ryanair flight so most likely not on time as usual! 😐) - would I have plenty of time to get the 9am national express coach? Thanks!
  2. NI6789

    Resale Club 2019

    https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/ticket-balance-payments-due-at-beginning-of-april/ Coach package resale - Thursday 25th April. General admission resale - Sunday 28th April.
  3. NI6789

    Worthy view

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions 😀 There will only be 2 of us travelling together. Renting a car and driving would be the handiest option probably. Only thing is that I really hate driving & try to do it the least i can so not sure if it's a good idea lol what's the drive like to the site does anyone know? When's the busiest and quietest time to arrive and leave? Yep we just have the tent at worthy view, so still need to bring sleeping bags, pillows etc which is another reason why the car would be handier to store things in as the car park is handy enough to the WV site. I'm looking forward to trying out all the food and drink at the site so don't think we will be taking many snacks and drinks with us. This is our summer holiday this year so we will bring enough spending money to enjoy ourselves. Thanks 😀
  4. NI6789

    Worthy view

    Hi, I'll be going to Glastonbury this summer for the very first time. Travelling from Ireland so will most likely fly into Bristol airport. We have got a 2 man scout tent in Worthy View so don't need to worry about bringing tents. Can anyone advise what would be my best way to get to worthy view from Bristol airport? I've looked at the national express coaches and then getting the shuttle but would it be better to hire a car and drive? Thanks in advance! I have no idea what to expect so any advice is helpful!
  5. I'm going to Glastonbury for my first time this year 😁 I'll be coming from Belfast too but no idea how or when yet. We have booked a scout tent in in worthy view so we don't need to worry about tents. How long before a flight would you recommend leaving to account for traffic also leaving the festival? Thanks!
  6. FYI - Radio 1 have a competition tomorrow morning around 8am to win Glastonbury tickets. https://www.glastofestfeed.com/latest/news/win-two-tickets-glastonbury-festival-2019/
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