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  1. I got a womens large t-shirt and it's quite small. I'd say its maybe a 12
  2. My first year and I loved it. Will definitely be trying for tickets again this year
  3. It was my first time at Glastonbury so we decided to stay in Worthy view as we were flying so didn't want to carry tents with us. 2 man scout tent was actually massive. We took a double inflatable bed with us & had 2 extra bags at each side of the bed and still loads of room at the bottom. Took a ground sheet with us & the porch fit 2 camping chairs in it. Tent did get very warm in the morning and was freezing at night. Lots of space outside each tent as well. We were in A so quite far back from the hill but still not too much of a walk back. Portaloos 10 rows of tents back and 5 mins to the proper toilets and sinks & coffee shop. I used the showers on Friday morning - queue was back to the toilets and it took me 1 hour in total by the time i was back at the tent. Showers were small but had doors and were really good and refreshing. Also the volunteers helping carry bags to tents with the wheelbarrows were amazing and really helped us out both arriving on Wednesday & leaving on Monday. We got the coach so had to get the shuttle bus to the bus station. We were told to leave 3 hours before our coach - we arrived at 9.40 and got to the bus station at 12. Overall, I really enjoyed staying in Worthy view and would definitely stay there again. It is so worth it for the view and the convenience of not having to put up a tent
  4. 1. The killers 2. Miley 3. Lewis Capaldi
  5. YESSSS! Tickets have finally been dispatched!! ?
  6. Me too ? its had that status for weeks. Genuinely think I'll be the last person to get theirs ?
  7. Still no tickets but I've just received an e-ticket for worthy view ?
  8. Still no dispatch email yet I'm so impatient lol
  9. I'm still waiting on my dispatch email ? I emailed them the other day asking when tickets will be sent, feel like they are getting their own back on me now lol
  10. Has everyone here got dispatch emails ? I haven't got anything yet and nothing updated on seetickets for my ref
  11. This is great, thank you!! I'll get measuring and see what we can fit in
  12. Do you or anyone else have any photos of inside the 2 man scout tents? Curious to see what size it actually is
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