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  1. Quick question do 3 day early entry tickets(Sunday, Monday,Tuesday) normally sell out and if so when? Last year we got there in Tuesday and could still buy one day early entry there and then but is it the same with the three day?
  2. I believe the announcement said 12 CET so 11 GMT
  3. Based on where people are listed on the website it definitely seems like catfish will be main stage and following the same logic, as razorlight are 4th down on Wednesday below the blaze and kodaline maybe they'll headline a38 rather than be on main stage (logic being based on listing of chvrches- also 4th down on their day and confirmed on a38) . Hard to tell though I think because they're on the first day so they'll want to have a strong start
  4. Yeah it's great, if you're at the festival it's the easiest way to top up your wristband if you want to use it
  5. It was a notification on the sziget app. Also that time is CET
  6. They do alright searches but it's generally not to hard to get alcohol in so long as you're fairly careful or inventive. We mostly got ours through in a mixture of bottles of water with some having it in, hidden in less searchable areas(even shoes) if you have smallish bottles and even things like hidden at the bottom of cereal boxes etc
  7. I think royal blood is pretty likely fits with sziget and means they're playing sziget one weekend followed by lowlands and then reading/Leeds the weekends after
  8. Prices aren't too bad compared to some festivals particularly in England but with it being a festival it's not cheap and is definitely better value getting drinks outside in supermarkets like the nearby and well priced auchan. Definitely not too hard to smuggle drinks in so long as it's not obvious though
  9. Yeah bars everywhere and you can take drinks anywhere on the island you're just not allowed to take any alcohol from outside the festival in
  10. Yeah he did. I expect an announcement next week what with Leeds fest tomorrow and several other festivals having announcements recently. Reading and Leeds tomorrow could give us a better idea of what to expect as they always share artists
  11. Do you think they'll be a rap/hip hop artist announced as one of the headliners left like Kendrick was last year? Potentially someone like J Cole seen as he's just released a new song?
  12. For sure that would be amazing but yeah I think you're right it's unlikely. We can hope though
  13. What do you all think chances are of rhcp for sziget? As Sunday headliners they could help sell tickets for people going for the weekend but as much as I want them too I'm not sure how likely it is. Touring festivals around that time seems promising though
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