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  1. That is fine. Currently I am paid more for my talks which are to closed groups. Thank you. Enjoy your decision.
  2. Yes I am 'She'! I am no longer involved in politics both UK/EU. Simply walked away from it all. Spirit is real as well as exciting!!! Did you find that info on the 'web'? Ha! worlds biggest individual diary! Enjoy! Peace!
  3. Thank you for your encouraging response. Regarding to ...'depending on what is involved..'? you will need to travel to the location, listen to the talk, simply respond silently within your mind, from your heart...you will be guided. Hope this clarifies. Sorry for the slight delay in responding. Peace to your mind.
  4. thank you for your response. Kindly ask the question...I do not know what you mean by 'Depends what was involved'...it involves you simply accepting my words....does that clarify?
  5. I am looking to launch the above event in Tetbury and doing research to find out how many would attend if the event were on Good Friday the 21st of April from 2 to 4 oclock - Cost £15 Money raised will go to Native Earthquake victims in South America.
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