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  1. yeah i know i came back on and for some reason it posted twice ?
  2. oh well see you all in half an hour or so ?
  3. yeah i’ve been both years before but from 4 hours down the road and this year it just doesn’t seem worth it
  4. @Mezhyp1 how do you feel about the lineup?
  5. it is a very underwhelming lineup from the previous years absolutely, but if it’s what sells then hey ho, but from what I have seen many people aren’t happy with the rumoured three
  6. yep. most already in meltdown over the ‘leaked’ one
  7. gerry cinnamon played both last year
  8. how is everyone on this thread feeling about the expected line up anyways? keen or not?
  9. looks like it’ll be very similar tho
  10. i know, had a good laugh seeing people on twitter think it’s possible
  11. another fake one circulating on twitter... catfish below lewis capaldi ?
  12. they’re giving out tickets as prizes when it’s getting done as well
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