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  1. anyone else suffering from the festival flu? It slightly startet on sunday evening for me and peaked on wednesday. still sick af but slightly getting better. that said I tried everything to avoid it - eat healthy, get vitamins in daily, wash hands a lot, etc. same as 2 years ago ... I guess my body is too weak for a 7 day festival
  2. btw: kinda 'funny' that the island of love and freedom uses fascist scum as securities. one of the guys during the national had a black sun tattoo another guy (sec. #310) had a good time treatening crowdsurfers like dangerous criminals while idles ... twisting their arms, etc.
  3. the crowd at macklemore was bigger than for the national, anyways the field was pretty full. best show at the festival so far. btw: LOL @ post malone for his playback show. weakest headliner ever
  4. so a short sumup after the fist 2 days and my fifth sziget so far: - food prices got pretty high, huh? i remember talking to locals like 3 years ago and they said sziget got almost unaffordable for hungarians. well, sad seeing them raising their prices higher and higher. the festial prices for a gyros pita are like 4 times higher than the regular standard in budapest. it's like paying 16 euro for gyros sandwich on a festival home in middle europe. - I dont know but coming back this year was pretty disappointing so far - the relaxed vibe is pretty much gone and it kinda reminds me of coachella. people more focusing on doing a great snapchat story during the shows instead of enjoying the concerts. - mega-mainstream pop headliners like ed sheeran seem to attract a crowd that I'm incompatible with, I guess. my girlfriend and me descided to quit waiting in the crowd and skip the show cause of people beeing extremely pushy and trying hard to get closer to the stage. that said, I'm normally based in the punk-scene, I dont mind pogodancing and a good moshpit but I like to enjoy shows and dont want to fight for every inch of space. - all in all the organisation of the festival is really excellent - we had no waiting issues to get the wristband, to load the festipay thingy, etc. I hope that the upcoming days will be more like the "old sziget" I love. Looking forward to the national, catfish and the bottlemen and IDLES, but I already descided that this will be my last sziget festival. Enjoy your stay guys!
  5. what do you guys think can we expect from post malone? will he have a band on tour or is it just his autotune singing and some playback on a pretty empty stage like in recent yt videos. that would be weak for a headliner ... thinking about skipping sunday completely and party in budapest instead
  6. hey guys, I'm wondering what the "online check in" is? my ticket says: "if you have bought your ticket online, you have to complete the checkin process online. on site we will be checking your ID or passport to verify the checked in date". I searched but can't find that online check in thing. Anyone can help me? Thank you.
  7. I'm really curious about the last bandpackage. Hopefully we will get something next week.
  8. Also sunday is very poor so far.
  9. Countdown for the last bandwave... I see it happen middle of april
  10. looks nice indeed. curious when this will take place
  11. Marina announced for Ruisrock in Finland on 7th July ... seems like she does festival summer shows. at least we can hope!
  12. so guys, who do we expect (realistically, not wishful thinking) for the last bandwave? - MARINA - GOOD CHARLOTTE (?) - CHASE & STATUS - NOFX (?) ....
  13. when do we expect the last names? I would say middle april?
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