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  1. Sounds good to me, some great songs and the rest of them are enjoyable enough
  2. This, I feel like there's been quite a bit of reading into the other promos too, but does it actually have much significance? Could Pale Waves and YMA6 also just be getting promo from 2019?
  3. Yeah I don't appreciate these non-lineup tweets
  4. Neither am I to be fair, not a fan of quorn haha
  5. Nah I have to side with Jonathan here, Charlemagne is a banger but the rest is very samey and lacklustre I shall not be apologising
  6. I think it tends to be a Tuesday or Thursday, but there's nothing stopping them throwing something out on any day of the week
  7. Can see him R1 sub, that's still a bump up from where he was on the 2020 poster
  8. Don't think so unless they're billed as an exclusive
  9. Think it'll be worth watching the comments on that for any hints
  10. Main guy is dan wilcox. There have been a couple more recently though
  11. Going back to the first announcement, it’s just as confusing. The fact that Lewis Capaldi to MK are above the also performing heading suggests all of them will be main stage, but with Solardo saying the dance tent is a thing, isn’t MK set to headline it?
  12. That was the best of the diss tracks for sure
  13. Relax mate, it’s just a bit of fun haha
  14. Add the R1 and it becomes 9 slots, I’m still convinced we’ll see it
  15. But I can’t see what the difference is between where sigrid and beabadoobe are and where solardo is. Granted the former are above the MSW, but I still think it’s just a styling choice and the main stages only apply to the headliner they are alongside
  16. That's my thinking, even with alternating main stages, there'll be a short break between so they don't overlap
  17. Well considering all of the names are under main stage headers on the poster, I reckon we can discount the whole thing as simply a stylistic choice and that the main stages only properly apply to the headliners, with the rest of the acts still to be distributed across stages. I don’t think I’ve seen any announcements before where every act for main stage was announced before any other stages were filled up
  18. Well I don’t think the decision would’ve been left this late anyway. If they were going to go all out then they would’ve confirmed that months ago and most of the acts would’ve been booked by now, so I can’t see the sellout impacting it much
  19. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as that then adds another 3 big slots. My only hope of getting Glass Animals and NBT somewhere is the R1 surviving, so it would be nice. I feel like Yungblud is a main stage act though. I'm not sure if acts are actually looked at in this kind of way, but I feel like he's perfect for getting the crowd's energy up leading into the final act/acts of the day. Definitely enough of a prescence to work the main stage well, no need for a tent With the YMA6 rumours seeming strong, I could back them to be put in the other R1 headline slot, leaving Yungblud on main stage and freeing up a good few sub/3rd down main stage slots
  20. I feel like they will find a way if they want to. Just depends if they actually want to go all out this year I guess
  21. This is one of the things inclining me to believe we'll still have the R1. Surely we won't have double the acts on the main stages to make up for the slots lost from the R1, so either there'll be fewer acts (which doesn't seem to be the case from all the names mentioned for the same kind of slot) or they'll be spread across the main and R1
  22. Thinking back to the 90 degree main stages at Mad Cool, what's stopping the second main stage going bottom right where the stalls are and keeping the rest the same? If the speakers are pointing across the arena then the sound leakage from main to dance tent wouldn't be too bad, and wouldn't the volume of the speakers drown out the dance tent noise for those close to the dance tent on the left side of the second main? Maybe even shift the dance tent towards the R1 slightly if its not quite far enough away
  23. Could that mean we won't be losing the R1 then? There can't be enough space for all of them on the main stages alongside those already announced, surely?
  24. I don’t think two main stages would necessitate a headliner on each though? If one is replacing the R1 tent, couldn’t a standard lineup be rejigged to put the normal main stage sub on the second main stage as a ‘headliner’ without actually billing them as a headliner, then slotting the R1 headliner in under the headliner on the other main stage, etc?
  25. Fair point there, could the latitude and download stages work as second main stages?
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