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  1. Not sure they'd go for three heavy bands to headline R1, maybe one tops. More likely to be one pop/rap, one rock and one dance
  2. Yeah agreed, my mates and I would all be there and I’m sure many other people would be too, just not relevant enough to replace capaldi on the bill for me
  3. Some of the wombats’ biggest songs came out in the last few years and two door have continued to put out a few relatively well performing songs, though granted not as big as their first album. Dizzie Rascal hasn’t been relevant since 2011, so I don’t think he can sub off a hype that died 10 years ago
  4. They couldn’t have shifted disclosure over to the right when they edited the poster?
  5. Just a quick question not worth another thread, I assume the shuttle boat to the campsite from the green car park at reading runs on the wednesday for early birds?
  6. Yep tiktok. His song Without You blew up on there
  7. Yeah I'd say so. Rap in general has definitely spread across the other stages, but the kind of rap that kids out of year 11 listen to is very much still the 1xtra stuff, along with those that are big enough to be on main and R1. Personally, nobody I know of went to the pit or FR for any rap acts and speaking to most people my age, they say they spent all their time in the 1xtra
  8. Not sure they'd want to get rid of/reduce the prominence of the 1xtra though, I feel like it's only growing in popularity
  9. I like this idea. It would mix up the groups a bit more since I feel like very specific groups stick to the pit and 1xtra. I didn't go to the 1xtra at all in 2019 because of the kind of crowd that's there 24/7, so it would be nice to open up the stages to everyone while also giving the more niche genres exposure to a wider audience. Edit: The Dan Carter tweet seems to go against this idea though, no?
  10. Just a tweet for the Tom Grennan album, disappointing
  11. @Jack.194 Did you notice any trend in pre-announcements over the past couple of years during your browsing?
  12. Pretty much what I said in my message, people seem to have got the wrong end of the stick
  13. Sorry for updating him on what everyone's been talking about since the last announcement since he clearly isn't up to date, have a break mate
  14. Won't be any more headliners. A couple of subs tops depending on the Yungblud and AJ Tracey placements and whether R1 is gone or not. Just have to wait and see now, I think every possibility for these positions has been discussed already
  15. I’ve seen videos of the frontman looking batshit mental haha, I can imagine the PR team having a good laugh making the announcement
  16. Yeah people selling on their tickets means nothing to FR, the money is already in their pockets. Realistically they have no need to do anything now since they've sold everything already, so the ball is very much in their court when it comes to the next step and they can do whatever they like. With that said, the wait for another announcement could mean that they are hoping to secure another couple of names to make it a great announcement and please the fans, or it could mean that they're sitting back and relaxing because the important part is done. Could go either way Edit: Another possibility is they're trying to negotiate with reading council first and that's delayed because the council want to wait to see how the roadmap goes, just another idea
  17. This is the kind of post I love to read, great work mate 👍
  18. Since they were last mentioned I had a look at some of Circa Waves' live sets and they look like they bring heaps of energy, so I've gone from being happy with them as an addition to having my fingers crossed they'll be added
  19. I'd expect most of the lineup (big names at least) to be agreed at least verbally by now. I don't expect the sellout to have much of an effect on it
  20. Hello FR, announcement soon please lads
  21. It's all we've got mate, now where do you think the dance tent will be??
  22. Sounds like they decided they didn't need as big a lineup since they can sell out the festival anyway. Shame
  23. That would sort out the problem of losing a load of acts then. While it'll be a shame to lose the atmosphere of the R1, my main concern was the number of slots lost. This brings a new factor into the placement of the stages though; can't have the two stages too close together if they'll have acts on simultaneously. Edit: The wording of that article is too specific for me to overlook it. I don't have hope for the R1 anymore
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