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  1. Electronic Festivals saying J.E.S.u.S are confirmed for this (link below), can't find them on the official page anywhere. Any chance this is true or just a cock up by EF? https://www.electronic-festivals.com/DJ/jesushttps://www.electronic-festivals.com/DJ/jesus
  2. Do they usually announce any electronic acts at a later stage? Had a look over previous clashfinders, the Desperado's stage usually a lot of electronic acts which don't seem to be there this year so far. Unless the additional Sunday is making the Thursday - Saturday look diluted.
  3. Do you mean we're getting the line up Monday? I thought it wasn't until after Christmas now.
  4. After some recommendations if anybody could help. Looking at either Primavera, Sziget or Exit at the moment. I like the look of Sziget but the line ups based on previous clash finders seem a bit weak, 1 or 2 acts on a day I like and a load I've never heard of. Anybody with any experience of these can give us some ideas about what the festivals are like inc prices of food and drink etc?
  5. Looks like ive missed out, clicked buy tickets it froze and then timed me out. Gutted.
  6. Its crashed when I clicked buy tickets? No email confirmation so not got the tickets do I just keep refreshing here?
  7. Question regarding the autorefresh, if its set up for 1 every second (or just under) how do you stop it refreshing if you get through to the booking screen without it autorefreshing and loosing that booking screen you were on?
  8. Do Kendall ever release day tickets?
  9. Do you know approx prices/waiting times for taxis last year?
  10. metro only running until 1:30am according to the info they've put out
  11. Any reason why not? Looks like taxis/Ubers are the only option
  12. Do you know the nearest stop to Embadajores for getting home after the festival with any of those options? Line N2 regular bus takes us to plaza de Cibeles which is about 25 min walk from where I need to be, is that right?
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