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  1. On 3/6/2022 at 5:28 PM, Kurosagi said:

    Don't know if people are familiar with Media Lens? They've been going for best part of 20 years and keep an eye on some of the worst excesses of the UK journalists. They used to have an excellent (now defunct) public forum that helped keep me sane during Blair's Iraq war, a bit like this thread does now (and the old 'shit' thread did during covid).

    Their latest long read about the crisis in Ukraine is as illuminating as ever:


    A little taster from their conclusion:

    ...But why speak up now, in particular? Shouldn’t we just shut up and ‘get on board’ in a time of crisis? No, because war is a time when propaganda messages are hammered home with great force: ‘We’re the Good Guys standing up for democracy.’ It is a vital time to examine and challenge these claims.

    What critics dismiss as ‘Whataboutism’ is actually ‘Wearenobetterism’. If ‘we’ are no better, or if ‘we’ are actually worse, then where does that leave ‘our’ righteous moral outrage? Can ‘compassion’ rooted in deep hypocrisy be deeply felt?

    Critics dismissing evidence of double standards as ‘whataboutery’, are promoting the view that ‘their’ crimes should be wholly condemned, but not those committed by ‘Us’ and ‘Our’ allies. The actions of Official Enemies are to be judged by a different standard than that by which we judge ourselves...

    This thread and the shit thread keep you sane?? 😂

  2. 8 minutes ago, mjfiddy said:

    Anyone able to make me feel better and insist the day splits won’t be per the poster…? 

    was planning on managing to drag the partner to Phoebe with the premise of then seeing Lewis on another, going to be a tough sell if they are both Friday

    Originally a Suffolk local but not been latitude in an age, guessing won’t learn the splits / day tickets for a good while

    With any luck you won't have to see Lewis. Keep your fingers crossed.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Barry Fish said:


    Well personally been drinking beer and eating steaks in the Garden with friends while our kids play in the pool 🙂

    Just watched the highlights of the F1 to see Lewis play a game of Mario kart to win the British Grand Prix and now its a glass of Malbec before I throw my mask on the bonfire 😛

    What a great day 🙂 

    Similar here mate, but with added tour de France. Have a great week.

  4. 3 hours ago, DirtyLurker said:

    No worries😊 I may have been projecting my own anxieties 😉

    Literally can't wait to get there & put all this pandemic stuff out of my brain for 5 days!

    I put the Latitude playlist on Spotify yesterday whilst I was painting a new Glasto picture - not everything was to my taste but mainly a decent listen, it seemsd to be very Kaiser Chiefs heavy though 😅

    Pic of Glasto inspired work in progress in case anyone was interested 😊


    There's a lot that isn't to my taste either, but that's never really been a problem at latitude as there's always something close by to go and check out, or just take some time out to have something to eat and drink.

    For me there's far too many very dull singer / song writer type acts. I'm assuming you feel the same by the acts that you've mentioned that you are looking forward to?

  5. 2 hours ago, Chapple12345 said:

    I wonder how many of the 500,000 people who were pinged this week by the app will take up the option instead now they've seen this? How do you even get on the trials? It takes the absolute piss 

    I just think it means that this shit is over 

  6. 5 minutes ago, Supernintendo Chalmers said:

    No, 3D played in 2019

    Ah, I think there was a bit of confusion. I was referring to a post about PVA. Not to worry though, I'll probably be at 3D too

  7. 3 hours ago, JHad said:

    I think it was on this thread that I mentioned I saw them last week (although seated - I wanted to dance!). They've mutated into serious after-dark territory in the past 18 months. No idea where they'd play at Latitude (not been before), but would love to see them post-headliner.

    The Alcove, which is a pretty small tent. I reckon it will be packed.

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  8. 5 minutes ago, Havors said:

    Does anyone have any idea how late the after hours stuff goes on? My first time at latitude and i hate other festivals that literally shut everything at 12am. 

    Don't worry, definitely not midnight. Usually plenty to do well into the night, possibly 2 or 3am? 

  9. I've been listening to a lot of tracks by artists I've never heard of to get an idea of who to see and who to avoid. Seems to be a lot of very similar singer/songwriter acts, who do nothing for me at all. 

    Can anyone recommend any acts that I (we) might not have heard of that could be fun / interesting / exciting even?

  10. 40 minutes ago, Gilgamesh69 said:

    So its probably been asked before but i'm curious about which headliners people will be going to see?

    Friday: Wolf Alice vs Hot Chip vs Dry Cleaning

    Saturday Chemical Brothers vs Fontaines D.C. vs Black Honey

    Sunday Bastille (+ Bombay Bicycle Club) vs Sons of Kemet vs Greentea Peng

    Friday I think we'll end up at hot chip, although would be happy at either.

    Saturday chemical brothers, no question.

    Sunday we'll be at Bombay but not bastille.

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  11. 47 minutes ago, stt11 said:

    Reading Festival is bigger, better and altogether, meaner and keener, than Lattitude!!! Saying that I preferred Global Gathering to both of them!!

    That's one opinion I suppose. Lots of kids would agree, lots of grown ups wouldn't. Anyway, it's good that not all festivals are the same. I hope reading goes ahead for you.

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