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  1. Fair enough, but you like Margret Thatcher, so i'm gonna have to disagree with you. On a serious note, last year we got queen, the killers and the arctic monkeys. One bad year doesn't kill a festival.
  2. Kasabian Muse The who Arcade fire Post malone (If theres six days) Biffy clyro
  3. https://stv.tv/news/entertainment/1435626-stormzy-and-george-ezra-among-trnsmt-festival-acts/ Looking at this video, it seems alot like this year was a one off, and it's going to go back to 5/6 days.
  4. There's a 2020 prediction forum now. https://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/228322-trnsmt-lineup-2020/
  5. Yeah that's fair enough (Although i don't think the strokes subbing is too unrealistic) but if you where to replace the strokes with Bastille and chilli peppers or muse with biffy it would be much better received and would probably sell more than my original would of.
  6. They're new headliners, but not new to the festival. They all played the same day two years ago. I think if they had one of those three (preferably catfish) Biffy and someone totally new to the festival it would have been received much better.
  7. Didn't know that RW was an exclusive, but it would have made sense considering they don't have a scotland date in their tour. What do you mean when you say special shows? Surely any festival could be considered a special show? Tame impala have about ten festivals this summer, and whilst they may be a bit more alternative than the artists TRNSMT usually has, they could definitely of appeared. Catfish are much bigger than the strokes right now, and I don't think them playing would cause much of a problem. I intentionally bumped up the kooks. I think they are much too big to be playing 4th down. Price could be a problem, but even if a few more expensive ones where to be replaced with cheaper Scottish/British acts my point would still stand. They could have made a much better festival with the acts currently touring,
  8. People who are saying that they couldn't have a better lineup with the artists that are touring, there are plenty of better artists. Here's one they could have done. Muse/Tame Impala/Years and years Catfish/Gerry Cinnamon/The raconteurs RHCP/The strokes/The kooks This would have gone down much better. They may have not been able to get all of these, but they could probably get the majority.
  9. If the subs in the leaked poster are correct, i'd be up for seeing that. Headliners are atrocious though, especially considering all three played the same day in 2017.
  10. He won't do that, as you can actually win tickets if you guess the headliners
  11. @Mezhyp1plese tell us it's not Ezra Catfish stormzy and restore my faith in humanity.
  12. It probably means that we're not going to find the king tuts acts.
  13. Just realised, @Mezhyp1 never told us that he's headlining, only said he was playing. He also said that he heard something simalar to the guy who said stormy was subbing, meaning he is pretty likely to sub.
  14. How are people able to accept that stormzy's a headliner yet there was a massive shitstorm over ezra?
  15. He hasn't had any new songs out since then, and his songs haven't became much more popular. God fuckin knows how he's headlining glasto. Also he was 5th down. last time, so no way he can make that jump with no new material.
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