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  1. Other than declan mckenna there's very few acts I want to see out of that
  2. I'd put money on wolf Alice playing before Rita ora on the Sunday.
  3. Wow that's weird. The poster was a fake one I made ages ago as a prediction. No idea how ticketmaster thought it was real.
  4. It should be. Courteeners subbed LG 2 years ago and courteeners haven't even really grown since then.
  5. No way courteeners are headlining it
  6. As much as I love Declan, I think 4th/5th down is more appropiate
  7. Fair enough, but you like Margret Thatcher, so i'm gonna have to disagree with you. On a serious note, last year we got queen, the killers and the arctic monkeys. One bad year doesn't kill a festival.
  8. Kasabian Muse The who Arcade fire Post malone (If theres six days) Biffy clyro
  9. https://stv.tv/news/entertainment/1435626-stormzy-and-george-ezra-among-trnsmt-festival-acts/ Looking at this video, it seems alot like this year was a one off, and it's going to go back to 5/6 days.
  10. There's a 2020 prediction forum now. https://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/228322-trnsmt-lineup-2020/
  11. Yeah that's fair enough (Although i don't think the strokes subbing is too unrealistic) but if you where to replace the strokes with Bastille and chilli peppers or muse with biffy it would be much better received and would probably sell more than my original would of.
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