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  1. Really hoping Ocean Alley find a way to West Holts next year
  2. Gregfc15

    2020 headliners

    Not sure about this. Last time i was on the farm during a vote it didn't go so well.
  3. Gregfc15

    Kylie Crowd Size

    I had to race around from BBC introducing and the pathway in front of Hawkswell and Rowmead was down to Single file movement 15 minutes before the start as the crowd had overflowed onto the paths. Not sure how unusual that is for the main acts, but I certainly had no trouble going the same route from John Peel when the Cure was on. It was super dense right at the back around the Ice Cream trucks as well. Took a good 20 minutes to move about 30 metres in where my friends were
  4. I find them good for covering bowls as a subsitutue for cling wrap which they do a great job. I don't generally use them for plates where they will touch the food, although i do use them to wrap half onions/lemons/limes etc and don't notice. For washing i just use soapy hot water and haven't had an issue yet although the original batch are starting to lose hardness.
  5. I've gone to meat free lunches and will look to incorporate some more meat free dinners Have been using cloth bags for groceries for a while but now have some smaller cloth and cloth/mesh bags for fruit and Veg, Beeswax wraps for left over food instead of cling wrap are awesome as well.
  6. Gregfc15

    2020 Ticket Sale

    I've had this chat last night. Sounds like yours went better than mine
  7. 1) circa waves 2) let’s eat grandma 3) Miley
  8. Gregfc15

    Miley Cyrus

    The only minor quibble you could have is that she should have had more confidence in her own material. We were all well up for it. Such great fun though
  9. Strangers - Sigrid is stuck in my head as well Also Donnie Darko - Let's Eat Grandma
  10. Gregfc15

    Flops 2019

    Lauryn Hill is the obvious answer but her being rubbish in my opinion was actually a blessing in disguise for me. If i'd have stayed till the end i'd have probably just grabbed some food on the way to Two door Cinema club sticking with with something i knew. As a result of leaving early i ventured to Williams Green and saw Sunflower Bean and Lets Eat Grandma which were highlights of my weekend.
  11. Guy next to me: mate have a sip of this me: what is it? Looks like you have just poured whatever was left in camp into a bottle. Guy: exactly mate, it’s shitmix Sunday. It wasn’t actually that bad
  12. Sorry. I appreciate this is not the thread for people who missed out. i did step in the one puddle on site if that helps.
  13. This is my 3rd after 16 and 17 so still a relative newbie to some here Have there been any days better than this? Not a cloud in the sky, nice breeze and excitement building before the good stuff starts in a few hours. What have been the all time great days?
  14. Can’t vouch for D now, but at 9:30ish we pretty much went straight through bar maybe the last 2 rows of the cattle grid.
  15. Arrived pink car Park about 9. Pretty much a straight walk to gate d, maybe 15 minutes in the queue. Camp set up and cider in hand before lunch. I’m in shock.
  16. Gregfc15

    Out of office

    Not long now my friend!
  17. Gregfc15

    Out of office

    Work done. A quick check of the bag pack then off to the airport! Here we go!
  18. Gregfc15

    Out of office

    Boss has called a 3pm finish. Extra airport beers await!
  19. For all the talk about the storms, it's only about 40% Sunday night, with Tuesday being about 30% Sunday is a quite narrow band that Pilton only gets the tail of. Assuming the forcefield will take care of this. Tuesday is a very small isloated event that could (will) easily miss the farm No stress.
  20. From a superstitious side I’m worried about the Avocado removal, from a delicious side, the fact its ripened up and been eaten goes to show how positive the weather has been.
  21. Playing a role no doubt, but if the Avocado isn’t holding up the measure, how would we know the reading in the gherkin jar?
  22. Yep. They’ve hedged their bets with 30-40% chance across the whole Tuesday as well. To me it just reads as that there is adverse weather in the greater region (supported by the charts), that it’s probably not going to hit Pilton, but they can’t say for sure. Hopefully those percentages drop in the next day or two and we can all start the week with confidence Metcheck listing 4.2mm but only 3% chance for the same day for comparison. Would agree Big Dog has done well, but lets not understate the improvement in forecasts since the Avocado got involved.
  23. Managed to grab a window seat that popped up on my otherwise full Singapore to Dubai leg and got away from the middle seat. This sparks joy.
  24. A glorious sunrise this morning as well. A good solid baking right from the start hopefully without any fog or overcast skies to get in the way
  25. Travelling from Singapore, but did '16 & '17 from Abu Dhabi. Flying out Friday night!
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