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  1. It's good to see the lessons in easing restrictions too quickly out of lockdown 1.0 have been learnt from!
  2. Unfortunately the government has form in picking an arbitrary number and then juggling the figures to hit it, so I'm taking a lot more of a wait and see approach than some.
  3. https://www.smh.com.au/world/europe/resigned-to-the-pandemic-brits-are-now-indifferent-to-the-death-toll-20201123-p56haj.html A dispatch from the Sydney Morning Herald's european correspondent
  4. I suppose for those of us looking from outside of the UK, the fact that the government has shown no ability to manage anything succesfully throughout the whole pandemic means that there is little faith that they will also successfully be able to roll out a mass vaccination program with unprecedented demand in a successful manner. Appreciate that it happens with the flu shot each year, but to a much lesser extent than this will require. The reliance on the tier systems that have already failed is a red flag to me as well although making them clearer and stricter should help them be more b
  5. Unfortunately not. They are currently super risk adverse and the successful suppression only reinforces this, especially consensus needing to be reached between the states and the federal government. Until we bubble with NZ, nothing much else will happen. A bubble with Singapore would be handy for me. Singapore just had to postpone with Hong Kong due to their rising cases.
  6. The spread of COVID was initially supercharged by the mass movement of people at Chinese/lunar new year. It doesn't take an epidemiologist to see how this will end. The government have learnt literally nothing in 10 months.
  7. Australia is talking early 2021. With cases relatively under control they've not needed to try and rush a good news story into the news cycle before a vaccine has actually been approved.
  8. So the actual cost of this strategy was 3 days of restrictions as by going hard early and buying time to complete in depth contact tracing, they have been able to end it 3 days early after discovering one of the confirmed cases was hiding information which has actually reduced their possible contacts and risk of transmission. Drive cases down, test, trace, isolate. It’s the only way. The UK has failed in every way along this journey (although credit is well deserved for vaccine development). If only everyone who was so concerned about Xmas was paying attention in September when you a
  9. A lockdown for 6 days yes, but probably a Christmas where you can freely mingle with whoever you want.
  10. It's been the way forward since March
  11. Of course, but RW only managed 32% albeit in an open contest. JO is the winnable race.
  12. Good job. Now time to get behind Jon Ossoff in the Georgia runoff.
  13. Call it you cowards, it's done.
  14. You could easily call PA and thus the race of those Delaware County, PA stats. The votes are not there and the lead will only increase.
  15. NC have a rule around ballots arriving late from memory, so they don't actually know how many votes might still come in unlike PA that has them sitting in the counting areas, so they are just being super risk adverse with that call. There won't be enough and Trump will win it.
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