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  1. Gregfc15

    2020 headliners

    Fair point. She also booked Stormzy and the killers were a late-ish replacement. Good comparison with FF, but they are still a force live. Arguably as good live as ever. RCHP are sadly not from my own personal perspective.
  2. Gregfc15

    2020 headliners

    For me, they'd certainly fit the “pyramid level headliner on the Other’ with the added bonus that you wouldn’t be wasting the prime slot on a band that is past their best. By the way, Can't stop etc still bang, but the setlist was definitely filled with too much stuff that you'd have hoped they realise didn't hit the mark.
  3. Gregfc15

    2020 headliners

    If there is one thing that I’m confident on, it’s that Emily has her finger well and truly on the pulse. RHCP whilst an all time great band, have been average for a number of years. Seconding what someone mentioned previously, they were rather ordinary in Singapore at the F1 recently. I’d be very surprised to see them be booked to headline the Pyramid.
  4. Showering in specific areas designed for it: Yes, if you can be bothered Showing under taps that should be used for filling up water: No
  5. I'm still an hour away from commencing Friday festivities, but in the spirit of this thread, I have a reputation for coming home steaming drunk and putting on old Glastonbury sets on the TV. I’m assuming I’m not alone in this?
  6. Gregfc15

    Efest posts

    I have the forum tab open and jump in and out during my workday. Being 8 hours ahead of the UK though, it’s mostly just catching up on everyone’s overnight posts. By the time I’ve read something, the conversation has usually moved on!
  7. There were definitely some water points that struggled more than others. The one near Cinemageddon had some big morning waits, especially on the Saturday but that was mostly due to people trying to shower under the good tap. The problem was that this took all the pressure from the 6 -point water aid thing they had set up rendering them mostly useless. We gave up, wandered down to the Other Stage and we're sorted within a couple of minutes. More of those and the sinks to fill up bottles and less open taps that people can get their head under will keep the lines ticking over.
  8. I only got into MCR after they split. This news makes me so happy.
  9. Gregfc15

    John peel 2020 acts

    Inhaler? Self confirmed already. Not sure how big they are? Maybe more suited to Williams Green
  10. I'm lucky i could stash my tent under the staircase of one of my group in London, so i don't have to worry about travelling with it. Compact Sleeping bag and sleeping mat fits in the back pack. Don't need that many clothes for such a short trip!
  11. Will be travelling again from Singapore again this year. Due to rubbish annual leave provisions, it's a real in and out mission for me. Fly out Friday night, London Weekend, Wells Tuesday, Glasto Wednesday to Monday morning, Fly out Monday Night. Feel wrecked by the end, but it's worth it!
  12. Really hoping Ocean Alley find a way to West Holts next year
  13. Gregfc15

    2020 headliners

    Not sure about this. Last time i was on the farm during a vote it didn't go so well.
  14. Gregfc15

    Kylie Crowd Size

    I had to race around from BBC introducing and the pathway in front of Hawkswell and Rowmead was down to Single file movement 15 minutes before the start as the crowd had overflowed onto the paths. Not sure how unusual that is for the main acts, but I certainly had no trouble going the same route from John Peel when the Cure was on. It was super dense right at the back around the Ice Cream trucks as well. Took a good 20 minutes to move about 30 metres in where my friends were
  15. I find them good for covering bowls as a subsitutue for cling wrap which they do a great job. I don't generally use them for plates where they will touch the food, although i do use them to wrap half onions/lemons/limes etc and don't notice. For washing i just use soapy hot water and haven't had an issue yet although the original batch are starting to lose hardness.
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