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  1. forgive me if this has been covered before, but wouldn't things need to be safe long before the gates open? i don't know the machinations of a festival and how far in advance things work, but presumably it takes a long time to get to wednesday night in the parc del forum - like, if PS staf, etc, are all working from home/locked down, is the festival planning even progressing as normal?
  2. yeh that's interesting, i wonder how much they can plan/reserve without committing necessarily.
  3. great festival, been to each and every one. my fear is they won't bother with it again but i hope i'm wrong.
  4. i forget - when did PS announce the cancellation of 2020? it was quite late on right?
  5. macca not diarising glasto 21 https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/dec/18/paul-mccartney-expects-glastonbury-2021-to-be-cancelled
  6. yeh, but interesting he went for the cancel, rather than the reschedule again. and it's all europe.
  7. nick cave just cancelled his entire 2021 tour...
  8. mad cool has aded a few names, 2 more headliners to come, encouraging - all looks a bit 1990s to me though..
  9. i heard a rumour even glastonbury might struggle if 2021 doesn't happen for it.
  10. wow, it's 255 euros to upgrade. think i'll pass...
  11. just had my "would you still like to upgrade your ticket to VIP?" email... the wheels are still turning it seems. (although of course, that doesn't guarantee a june fest)
  12. i'd wear a mask at a festival, just saying...
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