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  1. i'm still holding out for Yeah Yeah Yeahs - maybe not 100% female or 100% headliners, but it's been too long since i've seen them, sharon van etten also, and maybe PJ harvey will release something soon and headline again
  2. i think gabi more or less ruled them out in his interview a few weeks back, talking about having a 'spy' and the timing not being right or something...
  3. i basically bought tickets and booked hotels last July on the strength of Pavement so literally anything else on the bill is a bonus for me.
  4. happy with that, hopefully they can bring their insane visuals
  5. imagine this for 17 days or more though...
  6. this is dogshit. they've done 2 names in half an hour
  7. wow, they found a way to make the line up reveal even more annoying....
  8. so there are 'daily drops'? i think i'll just check in with this forum once a day - this is too much like hard work!
  9. this is actually quite hard work if you're not a spanish speaker
  10. so, i'm listening to "Joyas de Soundcloud y de Faye Webster" at the moment, will the announcement show just follow on from this? Am i in the right place? There's a few options...
  11. hey as i understood it, the announcements will be across a radio show tomorrow right? So it might be artist/song/artist/song etc - might be a slow dribble of news over an hour or so?
  12. i think we're all forgetting something important - namely, which baffling, long-winded and quite possibly excruciating method will the PS team use to announce the line up this year? I'm hoping for 250+ carrier pigeons, each with an artist's name tied to their legs, released into the skies over Barcelona for potential festival goers to find
  13. no it's a typo the d was entered in error instead of an f
  14. wold parade just announced a new album
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