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  1. oh hell yes - so cheap, so bad but so good
  2. i didn't go there once last year, twas bliss actually
  3. man, i'm not even a 100% fan but gorillaz are one of the most fun things i've EVER seen in 30 years of gigs, the production quality, the guests, the tunes you've forgotten. so good
  4. i sort of half remember what it had turned into, ie the new sponsor. but now i forget. the ATP stage is still alive and well for me too
  5. we gotta stop calling it the ray ban stage right? or are they back on board now?
  6. not to overplay it, and i know where xxialac is coming from of course - but with this news today i felt, for the first time in a few months, that there was a sunny future the other side of this and it felt GOOD.
  7. i'm happy. i'd be happy with just that. and bill callahan.
  8. good to see idles have been forgiven for ruining the big reveal that year by leaking their poster
  9. matt berninger just announced a solo album. double Matt for PS21?
  10. zero usually only opens up bookings in a few weeks or so for the following year. i've booked Maritim this year for a change as it's closer to the beach. it's not a bad walk from the fest (0.8 miles) or you can get rickshaws which are such good fun
  11. EOTR just cancelled, unsurprisingly. sad though
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