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  1. Never been before but does anyone know anything about the stage times for SW4? Just seen the poster for the Sunday and there could be some big clashes as there's a few big acts spread across the stages...
  2. Despite the crappy marketing and longing out of a full lineup I am buzzing to finally be in the sun listening to some good music! 3 more days woooo!
  3. Thank you!!! Do we get the bracelets when you get first get onto the festival site or do you have to get them before?
  4. Is today the day we get some of Doctor Music's lineup or another 'Its friday im in love' automated post?!?! Stay tuned!
  5. Could anyone who has been before explain the cashless system the website states the festival has? Is it as simple as just using your card everywhere or do you have to get a wristband/card etc to top up outside of the festival?? Thanks!
  6. At this point thats better than nothing!!
  7. BMTH could logistically only do the 11th the day after they perform mad cool but that day looks full really.
  8. Would be good but its already the case at SW4 this year (albeit Pendulum above Chase and Status)
  9. They were. I never really got in to them (liked a few songs here and there) but I have to say seeing them live they put on a great show and it was a great mix of songs for old and new fans.
  10. They missed a few from All Points East- Bring Me The Horizon on the Friday were outstanding
  11. Depends on preference really. For me The Cure are legends and I'm going to have the most fun during their set (don't get me wrong VW will be great too!)
  12. Has anyone used the SFF discounted tickets? looking to get some last min for BMTH tommorow
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