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  1. Both Lumineers and LP have 17th on their website so yeah I'm saying joint headline for them
  2. Some decent names in here. Particularly happy to see Radical Face, hope they clash with Martin Garrix
  3. If we do get an alternative sub for Garrix then Placebo would be ideal but I'm highly doubtful
  4. So would I be right in thinking headliners are: The Killers Twenty One Pilots Martin Garrix The Lumineers + LP
  5. If they are going down the route of electronic I wouldn't mind Massive Attack
  6. Following that Nos announcement could it be The Strokes..... fingers crossed
  7. The line up has got some interesting artists but given the room for another big name it needs a bit more guitar to it. Especially with bands like: The Strokes, The Killers, Kings of Leon all touring this year
  8. On the upside looking at the website it's less likely that Sigrid is a top name so I'm still expecting at least 2 headliners
  9. Haven't got the holiday allowance left for the Friday
  10. I see complaints but I just got a Saturday and Sunday ticket cos Supergrass, Snow Patrol and Chemical Brothers. That'll do me.
  11. Maybe, but if you go to the artists page Twenty One Pilots stands separate from the rest.
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