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  1. Thanks again for everyones advice etc. Really helped me through a stressful few days where I really didnt know the score. Went for a couple of beers with my collegue and her bro who is sorting me the tickets and we all had an in depth chat. He's not a performar as such but takes a loadof people there. Can't say more as I obviously dont want to ID him. His lot basically work for tickets and do get crew food in the cafe but it is a lobor of love for them. the ticket money from me will get spent by them collectively, no ones pocket is getting lined, Hes a lovely and clearly genuine man who isn't out to rip anyone off or exploit me or his position in the festival. He doesn't know about this thread but does know that e could have charged much more for the tickets, Am feeling blessed and very lucky. And slightly inebriated. Happy. Thanks again for your input.
  2. Well, today has been a mixture of highs and lows splashed with a large dose of paranoia that I'm a mug wantonly offering myself up to be ripped off. Having read all the posts in this thread (especially Freq Quimby's excellent post) I decided that it was worth a shot but I needed to make sure that everything was legit. Chatted to my collegue gently expressing my concerns. She said that if I got ripped off by her brother she would pay me back herself as it wasn't going to happen. I believe her, you would if you knew her. Phoned the brother. To cut a long story short I got the two tickets and the vehicle pass (I can also apply to tow a caravan in if I want!) for £1000. He was wanting more and said that he would be able to more ( I believe him) but was happy to let me have it as I was mates with his sister. He also mentioned that tipi hire was over a grand and having a comfortable motorhome in a better position with two tickets included for the same price was pretty fair. Almost feeling guilty that I didn't offer him more as the sale will got to funding what he does at the festival. He said quite a few crew get little or no funding but get extra tickets so it balances everything out. He only wants £100 now as a deposit to make sure I'm serious. He wants the rest paid when I get the tickets etc in early June. Quite relieved as the chance of a CV ticket in the resales is low and that is essential for my partner. Thanks so much for everyones help. Lurkumlurkum
  3. Thank you. That actually makes it even more tempting. If I end up going for it work have just OKd me having leave from the Monday to Monday .
  4. Deffo legit. The guy offering them has been part of the Theatre and Circus set up for at least 20 years. My collegue at work is totally sound and wouldn't suggest something like this if it wasn't 100% good. Her position and responsibilities at work reinforces this if you know what I mean :)
  5. Thanks and thanks and you're right, helpful advice already rolling in. Should have got a registered yonks ago! :)
  6. Hi everybody. Finally got an a/c on here. Been reading this outstanding forum for ages. Been to Glasto several times with my partner and out kids, always in a campervan. The missus wouldn't entertain the thought of 'normal' tent camping even tho I'd be fine with it. Like so many others we seem to have missed out on tickets this year. Gutted...but.... A collegue of mine has a brother who always runs a bunch of performars in the Circus and Theatre area at Glasto. She says that he could sell me a pair of tickets and a campervan pass for that crew camping area. Apparantly that includes nice showers and clean loos and a great backstage bar/cafe. It is also much nearer to the heart of the festival than normal CV fields. She said to make him an offer. Problem is what do I offer? I'm not loaded but am happy to offer more than face value for tickets and CV pass but how much? Does seem like a pretty cushty package but I don't wan't to get the piss taken out of me nor get instanty rejected as a piss taker? Anyone have any experience of the value/cost of this sort of thing? What would you pay for it vaguely? Thanks in advance and sorry for such an unhelpful and boring first post...will try to improve content in future :) Ta x
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