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  1. EllisPreston

    The 1975 2020

    All great singles, all very varied but still true to The 1975. The Birthday Party is my fave from the NOACF singles, which i know isn't a popular opinion...
  2. I ran out of reacts for today but would definitely get an upvote from me
  3. Was hoping for Tyler last year, so also hoping hes making an appearance in 2020
  4. highly doubt it, but if anyone is able to get 2x BMTH tickets with the O2 priority id be very grateful
  5. Giggs, 2 Chainz, Cypress Hill and others added to the lineup in the full second wave announcement
  6. Stormzy The Killers The Cure Is that was is the consensus now?
  7. Agreed, last years lineup was so good I knew they wouldn't top it this year
  8. https://loveboxfestival.com/programme/ it says both Brockhampton and H.E.R. are UK exclusives
  9. Agreed, solid lineup. Don't think they were ever going to top Childish Gambino last year, but getting that Brockhampton UK exclusive is a nice touch
  10. I was honestly praying for a KSG headliner but i also cant see that happening. I think whilst Brockhampton are in Europe on that weekend they may already be doing other festivals(?)
  11. With ASAP doing a Wireless exclusive I honestly don't know what they'll do either. All well not long to wait, they just announced the lineup is dropping 12th Feb
  12. What are people thinking the lineup for Lovebox 2019 is going to be? Haven't seen a forum for this year and with most festivals lineups already out would be interesting to see peoples predictions on it...
  13. I was there too, seeing the way they basically turn into animals the second Matty gets close to them is rather unsettling, and I'm talking about the 18+ show
  14. Did anyone catch The 1975 in the BBC Live Lounge earlier?
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