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  1. I really don't think they will cancel it until at least June, they will hold out and hold and until the last possible moment, there is so much at stake and I don't think they will want to make a decision until they are really pushed. The risk is acts dropping out.
  2. Hello how do i go about adding my friends and i to this list? we missed out this year but are on the waiting list to volunteer, but still want to try for tickets again, happy to try for other people too if we are successful
  3. You have to have a verified weigh in at the start and finish which basically involves someone filming you turning around and standing on your scales.
  4. Hello. Sorry if this has been asked before but got so I add my friends and I to the list?
  5. I've just signed up to a site called healthy wage which takes bets on if you can lose a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time, it seems legit and if I lose 2 stone in 6 Months I will win £800 from my £300 bet (£50 a month) . Trying to lose it all before glasto though so I don't need to worry while I'm there cause my 6 months doesn't end till Aug! Drinking shakes and going to the gym as much as possible too.
  6. jaimebionic

    Volunteering 2020

    Ah cool, that's good to know thanks guys.
  7. jaimebionic

    Volunteering 2020

    yeah its def not there, are you a veteran? or did you work last year? i got a normal ticket last year so wondering if that will have put me back down to the bottom of the list.
  8. jaimebionic

    Volunteering 2020

    Has anyone who isn't a veteran heard from Fiona about recycling yet? I have done it twice with a break in between and hoping to do it again this year. Just wondering how low down on the pecking order I'm going to be.
  9. The comments on this forum are so much more enlightened and refreshing than those on facebook. On here even if you don't like her you at least respect that is a strong booking. People on Facebook just make me want to kill myself! I'll go and see her cause she has enough hits for it To be a good show I think, but I wouldn't pay to see her at her own gig.
  10. Don't know if this has been mentioned but Just read that twentyone pilots have announced a gig on Ireland the day before glasto.
  11. This was us in our labia hats during pynk! ?? Saw her at Manchester on Thurs too and positioned ourselves right in the middle about 20 people back so when she came into the crowd she came straight to us! It was incredible!
  12. We took it to a proper framer as a. We couldn't find on the right size and b. They used a sticky sheet which helps hold it on place and take the creases out so we thought it was worth it. Think it was about £30 if I remember rightly
  13. Felt like lizzo could have been moved up above neneh cherry as the crowd all but disappeared once she was done. Also think it was a missed opportunity to not but lizzo on before janelle monae
  14. oh man dont get me started on the tabloids, on monday morning my friends asked why there were helicopters circling and i joked that it was probably the sun and mail getting pictures of the rubbish so they could type a headlne along the lines of "HYPOCRITICAL VEGAN HIPPIES LEAVE GLASTONBURY A TIP" little did i know how on the nose i would be! uninformed sheep on their comments page too ranting about the plastic ban and how we should all be ashamed while not knowing there wasnt a ban on all plastic just the sale of it on site! f*cking idiots!! my wife is a little picker and she said the lack of plastic made their job 100 times easier, they work from 6am till 12pm and they had finished by 9/10am every morning this year, cans and paper cups flatten easier aswell unlike the 500ml bottles so a lot less waste when it came to filling up bin bags too.
  15. UPDATE!! he got in! dont know how but he wrote to them and explained what happened and he was told to go to the international check in desk.
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