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  1. is there a solo campers area and if so were... getting a tad muddled !
  2. thanks a million, no idea at the min about the coach pick up... I am just about to book National Coaches and the dreaded 8.20 am flight !
  3. Hi all, looking to see if this is a realistic option. If I am packed up etc and the bus time is 3am to Bristol is it a possibility that I will manage to catch a 8.30 am flight home ? And yes I really need to be on it ! Thanks
  4. I am on board !! Solo from Dublin travelling over Tuesday...physically 46 and light years less mentally ! Never been before but its been on my bucketlist for as long as I can remember.... I was the only one to get a golden ticket
  5. lol seems like I have stumbled into the right group so ....
  6. thanks a million... whilst not a young one \0/ I would love a lively spot... I will definately keep an eye out for the solo campers !!
  7. Solo Newbie So I was lucky enough to get a ticket...which is a dream and top of a everlasting bucketlist. Landing in Bristol Tuesday and ready for the off all going well... any early campers fancy recommending a pitch and neighbours !!
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